Sarah Reynolds-Oji Builds Her Real Estate Business to $8 Million in Annual GCI to Become #5 Keller Williams Worldwide and #1 Woman-Led Team

"I joined Craig Proctor coaching in 2009. At the time our business (I'm partners with my mom, Debbie) was about $400,000 in GCI. I knew that for us to grow, we needed more so I researched and found Craig Proctor. We now earn $8 Million in annual GCI and I now lead the #5 team in all of Keller Williams, as well as the #1 women led team! Craig has taught me how to have an ACTUAL business. Under his coaching and leadership, even though I have now started a family (I have two small children), I'm able to take MANY months off and at the same time grow my real estate business. Thank you, Craig, for the amazing program that you have developed, and for being beside me during this entire journey. I am excited to see what the future holds as The Reynolds Team vision of helping 2,000 families becomes a reality."

- Sarah Reynolds-Oji, #5 Keller Williams Team Worldwide