Tony Johal

How We Jumped from Under $100k to Over $1 Million in GCI in 36 Months

"It was in Phoenix in 2009 when I attended my first ever Craig Proctor SuperConference. I signed up and began coaching immediately. The coaching program was working well for me and my business was up. However, believe it or not, I thought I knew all and decided to go it alone. It didn't take me long to see and realize the consequences of my decision to leave. My business had zero structure, was stagnant in growth and I was exhausted and fed-up. I now look back at that decision to leave as the single BIGGEST mistake I've ever made in my 10 year Real Estate career.

"In 2014 I came back to Craig's coaching program. My mindset was different now than before. I had a clear focus and was determined to do whatever it takes to succeed. In our first full year we jumped from $93,000 to $500,000 in GCI. Craig says, "copy and you'll succeed" and it turns out he's right!

"We're blessed as part of this program to be around Real Estate greatness, starting with Craig but extending to the many successful and generous agents who have also benefited from what Craig has to teach, and are willing to share their success so we all win. Craig Proctor has paved the path for so many agents, and with the success I was having, I recently started my own brokerage. Our goal for this year was to break the $1,000,000 mark in commissions earned. As the year rolled along, we were projecting to finish at $1,030,000 but exceeded that to earn $1,126,000! This is only for our team and not including the brokerage. For years we hovered around $100k and a million dollars seemed a million miles away. We made it here because of you, Craig - the best in the industry."

-- Tony Johal (Kitchener, ON)

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