Craig Proctor's Platinum Millionaire Agent Maker Coaching Program

Learn How to Become a High-End Luxury Real Estate Agent

If you are a highly motivated real estate agent with a strong desire to transform your real estate job into a Million Dollar Real Estate Business; if you’re determined to excel and to learn how to become a luxury real estate agent, someone who earns a high six, even seven figure income, while only doing the parts of the business you love, then Craig Proctor’s Platinum Millionaire Agent Maker Program is for you.

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This one-on-one consultation is a rare opportunity for you to get an insider look at how Platinum can help you establish and grow a real estate business that serves your life (vs. you being a slave to your business) and how to become a high-end real estate agent with the addition of $100k, $300k, even $1 Million to your income this year. On average, we can take an agent earning less than $250k per year and within 36 months, they’ll be earning over $1 Million in annual GCI. Does learning how to become a luxury real estate agent like this appeal to you?

Watch the video below to hear first-hand from agents like yourself who joined our Platinum coaching program with the determination to learn how to become a high-end real estate agent. These agents share with you the details of how Platinum helped them grow hugely profitable businesses without high lifestyle costs, revealing to you how you can do the same. Why them and not you? If not now, when? Fill out the Platinum Coaching Consultation below to get started .

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See what our members have to say...

"Todd, Thanks for taking the time to give us a tour of your office today. It was enlightening for my team members and I.! We also appreciate all the time you spend on training us too. Your years of experience and assistance are enabling us to expand our business to be recession-proof and profitable."

Bob Zachmeier.

"Hey Todd, OSA recruitment campaign works really well, I have 20 people coming in 2 weeks. Greatly appreciated"

Steven Martel

The Denver meetings were absolutely fantastic and I am swamped trying to get things in place between and during trips to the mountains to escape our heat. Thanks again.

Lester Cox

Todd I can't thank you enough for your leadership. Other companies in our market are reportedly down 50% year to date in comparison to last year. We have posted 3 consecutive RECORD MONTHS in this "soft market" and I have been in this business 10 years. Your OSA Training is "PRICELESS"!!!

Steven Blackwood

Thank you for a great couple of days in Dallas....not only is the material excellent but being in a room with the roster that we have only inspires me to push harder to get to that seven figure mark as fast as I can

David Thompson

Hi Todd, I just want to applaud your presentation of extraordinary ideas, insights, possibilities and unbelievable tools for us to incorporate into our business. Not only are you and Craig changing the way I do business, but you are changing the way I think about the business and that is an invaluable gift just in itself. I left Phoenix feeling that this was truly the best Platinum meeting ever. Your evocative approach brings out so much in all the members. Another thing that will really impact our success rate is the new applications being added to the website. I hope all that comes to fruition very quickly. Thanks again for everything you do!!

Lynn Horner Baker
Just registered for a Platinum Consultation.