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Unlike other real estate trainers (who haven’t been in front of a real buyer or seller for decades, if ever), all of our real estate coaches are highly successful agents themselves who have leveraged Craig’s real estate systems to grow their own businesses exponentially. As a result, our real estate coaches are uniquely qualified to share real estate lead generation, conversion and presentation systems and strategies that work in the real world, right now.

Most other real estate mentoring is little more than motivational hype that may stir the desire and conviction to do better, but falls well short of tested, proven, practical, hands-on solutions. In contrast, our real estate coaches are themselves using the exact Craig Proctor systems they teach you.

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Our real estate coaches network through ongoing masterminds both virtually and at our SuperConferences, where they not only share their knowledge with attendees but also train to ensure they’re plugged into the most current system content, ideas and strategies to share with you

Craig L Proctor

Newmarket, ON

Craig Proctor began his real estate career in 1988, and sold 27 homes that year, as a solo agent. He sold 222 homes with the help of 1 administrative assistant, and two licensed agents in 1991, at the age of 29, and was named the #1 Agent for Re/Max International. While his pursuit of success had paid off, he was growing tired of the 14 hour days and the crushing workload. When he found himself daydreaming more and more about an easier way to run his real estate business, he decided to develop his own system. By 1995, Craig started offering his Quantum Leap System to other agents, and the rest is history. While his program has undergone many changes over the years, his basic concept of offering an extensively tested, complete turnkey system for realtors has not changed. The Quantum Leap System has helped over 30,000 realtors improve their businesses, and their lives.

James MacDonald

Carlsbad, CA

As a 24 year old newly licensed agent in 1994, I was fortunate to have the opportunity of joining Craig's team early in my career. Over the next 16 years the experience gained has been invaluable! Over the last 10 years my focus with Craig's organization has been transferring my knowledge with Craig's team to thousands of our Coaching students. In addition I have conducted over 300 live seminars introducing Craig's system to new agents all over North America. My specialty is in on-line lead generation and lead conversion using Craig's "Universal Call-Back Script"! In fact, members of our Coaching program join me every Thursday and Friday for my weekly Ad-Clinic and Role-Play calls! For information on any upcoming half-day seminars in your area or for info about the Coaching program, email me at

Todd Walters

Atlanta, GA

Todd Walters has achieved real estate career milestones since becoming a real estate agent in 1990. Todd has been involved in over 5,000 transactions, and earned over $25 million in commissions. He was ranked in the top 10 for Re/Max International and in the top 20 agents for NAR. He was hand picked by Craig Proctor in 2003 to assist Craig with the Platinum Program, North America's Premiere Real Estate Coaching Level Program.

Masoud Badre

Ottawa, ON

Masoud has been in real estate for 21 years. Living and working in the Ottawa, Ontario area, he currently heads a team of 8 agents, which averages 200 transactions a year. Since first signing up to attend a Craig Proctor Seminar back in 1999, Masoud has remained an active member within our system for 13 years. He is also one of the original 40 agents who helped us establish our Platinum Program 10 years ago. Understanding first- hand the benefits of continuing to learn more about managing and growing a real estate business and surrounding yourself with other success-minded agents, Masoud has gone on to become an excellent Craig Proctor Coach.

Rick Brash

Calgary, AB

As a single parent in 1990, Rick found gaining success as a Realtor exceptionally challenging and was forced to quit the business after an early and debilitating failure. Determined to succeed, Rick hunted down Craig's system shortly after returning to the industry, became a diligent apprentice of Craig's methods, and built himself a successful real estate business. In 2004, Rick was awarded the very coveted Quantum Leap Award and now has had the privilege himself of presenting it to deserving "Leap" members since 2006. He's spent the past 8 years working with both Craig and the agents who step forward looking for solutions to their Real Estate woes, helping them learn, implement and master Craig's system.

Mike Burge

Chattanooga, TN

Mike Burge is the Broker and Owner of Burge Realty Group. Mike sold his very first home and used that money to travel to the Craig Proctor Super Conference. Within only three short years, Mike had built his business to over a million dollars per year in gross commission income by using Craig's Quantum Leap System. Mike is currently in the top 1% of agents in SW Florida and has earned multiple awards for sales including the Quantum Leap Award for largest gains in real estate business. Mike and his wife Cyndi along with their three daughters Zoe, Piper and Wrigley and enjoy tennis, boating and golf.

Craig Bush

Hamilton, ON

With the proper tools, guidance and commitment, anyone can experience their own Quantum Leap! Craig brings a degree in Marketing and his 22 years in Real Estate when helping those agents who are either just getting started or those who want to take their existing business to the next level. When he entered Real Estate from a corporate environment he was shocked at the lack of business planning and questionable marketing efforts. It was only when he encountered Craig Proctor and his systems that he knew this was a fit – a complete end to end system, matched to the market that offered proven results. Coming into the system, Craig and his wife Coleen already had some limited success in Real Estate but their results were unpredictable and they were stressed out. Now they are consistently in the top 1% of agents in their board, enjoy a predictable stream of business and are building their real estate dream team. Make a commitment, put your business in overdrive & link your success which a coach who can help focus your efforts. Let’s get started!

Bret Ceren

Anthem, AZ

After a successful career in marketing and operations for both public and private companies, Bret decided to try his hand at real estate. After a couple of years, he was technically proficient at the deal but needed help in learning how to generate leads and build a real estate business. Even though he’d won awards for his production, he was struggling to find his footing. Failure was a real possibility, but not acceptable. His broker brought in Craig Proctor to speak at a half day event and Bret liked what he heard. He signed up for the next available Super Conference and it was a watershed moment – everything changed from there. Over the next year, he studied and implemented Craig’s lessons relentlessly, and it made a huge difference: Bret received the prestigious Rookie of the Year award for 2017, but that was only the beginning. As the changes and growth in his business continued to increase to ever higher levels, Bret was drafted as a Craig Proctor Coach! This program has made such a tremendous difference in his life, he has decided to help others by coaching agents to achieve success.

Blake Cory

Murrieta, CA

Blake Cory is the owner of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Or We’ll Buy It Realty in Riverside County, California and a coach to more than 30 real estate team leaders throughout North America. He began his career at the young age of 19, and has since been named the top 1% of Real Estate Agents in California and the Craig Proctor Coaching Rookie of the Year in 2015. Blake specializes in Facebook Advertising having sold over $20 million in sales directly from social media since 2015, and has authored numerous reference tools and publications, including “How to Buy Your Dream Home and Not Break the Bank” and “How to Sell Your Home for Top Dollar in Any Market.”

Lester Cox

Tempe, AZ

Lester Cox has been in the real estate business for more than 40 years and has found great success in all arenas, including residential sales, new home sales, commercial real estate, development and home building. He founded his current company in 1995, and in 2001, he began building a real estate team. To date, Lester has been responsible for over 5000 successful transactions, amounting to more than one billion dollars in sales. He and his team consistently complete 400 to 500+ transactions each year. Lester has received numerous awards and accolades as one of the top real estate agents in Arizona and in the industry. In 2008, Lester joined Craig Proctor Coaching in the capacity of personal coach, and has since flourished in this role as mentor.

David Delgado

Whittier, CA

In August 2008, David Delgado was financially slammed into a brick wall and facing foreclosure. Then he stumbled across Craig Proctors Quantum Leap System. Shortly after attending his first super conference in October 2008, his real estate business quickly turned around and begin generating an overflow of leads from low to no cost at all, thus allowing David to close transactions quickly through the down real estate market in Southern California. In 2009, David was awarded the coveted Rookie Quantum Leap Award from Craig. Studying under Craig Proctor has allowed David to continue to generate an overflow of leads and in 2014, become the #1 agent out of 2000 agents at the Downey Association of REALTORS.

Frank DeMarinis

Toronto, ON

Frank is the Coaching Program's longest serving coach and is now in his 18th year with Craig. Being personally hired and trained by Craig to be part of both his real estate sales team as a licensed agent and also as a coach in the coaching program has given Frank the opportunity to master all aspects of the Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System. Frank's area of expertise is working one-on-one with our members helping them understand, implement and ultimately achieve success with the system. Frank has worked with thousands of members over the years and has literally conducted over 25,000 personal one-on-one consultations.

Warren Flax

Yardley, PA

A 2002 MBA graduate of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, Warren Flax has regularly been featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 250 real estate agents in the United States. Warren joined Craig Proctor coaching in 2005, won the Quantum Leap aware in 2007 and began as a coach for Craig in 2011. He has gone from selling just one or two homes per month to owning and operating a team in Pennsylvania and New Jersey that sells more than 200 homes per year and operates like a true real estate business. So much so, that from June 2014 to August 2015, Warren and his family lived in Quito, Ecuador (his wife's home town) so that his children could attend school and immerse themselves in the Ecuadorian culture and language. During that year abroad, Warren's team sales and income grew 39.6% as he spent the entire year working on his business, implementing the Craig Proctor system, instead of in it. As a coach Warren specializes in helping members achieve the same types of Quantum Leaps in their own businesses, making more money while working less hours, using the Quantum Leap system.

Marc Gastineau

Pine, AZ

Marc Gastineau started his Real Estate Career in 1998 and soon became one of the top real estate salesmen in Phoenix; selling over 100 homes per year. Shortly after beginning his career he stumbled upon the teachings of Craig Proctor, and since implementing the Quantum Leap System in his business, Marc has been able to sell over 1000 homes and have one of the top sales teams in Arizona. He has won numerous awards including being listed in the Phoenix Business Journal as one of the top 10 real estate teams. Marc is also a recipient of the Quantum Leap Award and prides himself in effectively using the system to train others in becoming highly successful in their marketplaces.

Antoine Halabi

Montreal, QC

Antoine Halabi entered the Entrepreneurial world by founding his own Students Home Services company in 1996 as a college student. He scaled this business to over 30 employees and sold it 2007 to jump into Real Estate. During that time, he also completed a B.A. at the University of Montreal going on to obtaining diplomas in Law and Publicity. Antoine grew his business fast becoming one the top agents in Quebec. In 2011, he became a Chartered Broker and met Craig Proctor. He immediately joined and implemented the Quantum Leap System Craig’s program, realizing what a great system it truly was! In the Greater Montreal Area, Antoine became known for his USP 'Your home sold Guaranteed or Antoine will buy it! * In 2013 Craig appointed him as a new coach, becoming a great help to a large number of agents, in both French and English, helping them to become more successful in their market place.

Jonathan Lahey

Potomac, MD

Jonathan Lahey is an award-winning agent in the DC metro area. Since choosing to focus on real estate, Jonathan has consistently finished in the top 1% in the nation as a realtor selling over 100 homes per year. In rising to the top of his field, Jonathan Lahey has become a national resource for many others in the real estate industry. He’s been the featured speaker at national real estate conferences, has been interviewed on several coaching calls, and has appeared on marketing panels alongside other top real estate producers in North America. Jonathan has earned the Re/Max The Chairman's Club, Re/Max Hall of Fame and has received the Coveted Quantum Leap Award for Marketing Excellence and for having made the most significant gains. Jonathan now focuses on teaching and coaching other real estate agents make a quantum leap in their real estate business.

Jay Macklin

Scottsdale, AZ

In 2006, with over 25 years of sales, marketing and management experience, Jay started his Real Estate career with RE/MAX in Scottsdale. He attended his first Craig Proctor Super Conference in 2008 and says it felt as though, “Someone turned on the lights”. Prior to the conference, Jay was in need of a change after a tragic life-changing event in mid 2006, when he quickly realized that working 24/7/365 was only getting him to a certain level of success in his business. Since that 1st conference, Jay has built a successful real estate team, and in 2010 he and his wife Michelle opened Desert Platinum Properties. Since implementing Craig’s system they have sold over $180 Million. With a real passion for helping others succeed by way of education, research and hard work, Jay truly wants to see his coaching clients grow and prosper.

Bryan Pellican

Las Vegas, NV

Bryan Pellican started his career in real estate in 2003 after working 10 years in the family carpet cleaning business. Working hard (but not smart) along with his wife who is also an agent, they barely managed to close 2 transactions in the first six months of 2003. But then Bryan met Craig Proctor, attending a super conference that had to be moved from Toronto to Phoenix due to the SARS outbreak in 2003. Bryan’s vision and career were catapulted to unimaginable levels by what Craig taught him. Bryan and his wife finished out 2003 with 26 closed transactions. Followed by 79 in 2004, 112 in 2005 and 96 homes in 2006. But something interesting happened toward the end of 2006. Using Craig’s coaching principles, he broke into the REO business duplicating and leveraging his business many times over. Bryan and his team sold 196 homes in 2007 followed by 812 homes in 2008 and 1,128 homes in 2009. Bryan has travelled and spoken at numerous conferences across the country and coached well over 500 other agents to similarly employ Craig’s coaching principles to super charge their businesses to levels they never thought possible. With over 4,000 closed transactions, Bryan still runs a successful real estate brokerage to this day.

Laura Petersen

Celebration, FL

In 2005, with over 20 years of business management and ownership, Laura started her Real Estate career in Orlando, Florida. Her previous experience had taught her that she could either “reinvent the wheel” or find a coach and get on a train that was already moving. She attended her first Craig Proctor Super Conference in 2007 and knew Craig’s system was exactly what she was looking for: a system with support. In 2008, Laura bought FrontGate Realty and has built a successful real estate team and business. Since implementing Craig’s system Laura has sold over $175 Million in residential real estate. In 2014, Orlando Style Magazine named Laura as one of the top 10 Realtors in Orlando. With her background in business and love for working with people one on one, she works hard to see her coaching members grow and prosper.

Debbie Renna-Hynes

Penfield, NY

After 25 years in the education field with a Master’s in Education Debbie Renna-Hynes entered into real estate in 2003. Debbie, a local investor of over 35 years in the Rochester, NY Real estate market felt with the interest she had in real estate combined with education it was a natural move to become a REALTOR. Quickly she began to be recognized as a top agent in her area. She is the CEO of "The Renna Hynes Team" with Keller Williams Realty. Year after year, Debbie ranks high in the Keller Williams local, state, and national levels, and has received numerous awards throughout her career to include being named REALTOR Associate of the Year 2007, holding a number of designation and ranked in the top 1% of her Real Estate Board. Debbie has always been a leader and a teacher. You might often hear Debbie say "I am a passionate people person! I've taught for over 25 years, and loved learning from my students as they learned from me. Buying & selling a home requires the same kind of passion & dedication." Debbie, while, currently teaching/coaching at her local board and various market centers, continues to run an award winning Real Estate Team.

Barb Schlinker

Monument, CO

Barb worked as an Airline Pilot for United Express before moving to Colorado Springs, where she knew very few people. Soon after, she started a real estate business only to find that while she was provided training on how to avoid contract issues, there was no teaching offered on how to generate sales. In 2004, after learning about Craig Proctor’s great systems to build a real estate business, Barb founded Parker Saint Claire Realty. She now employs 7 agents, 1 administrative staff and 1 customer service / lead coordinator. Barb recently said “I never miss a Craig Proctor conference because I always come back with a long list of great new ideas that result in more income for me and my team.” Ranked in the top 1% of agents in Colorado Springs, one of Barb’s secrets to keeping her team at the top is in continually generating an overflow of leads and appointments. Barb serves as a Craig Proctor Coach and enjoys helping other Craig Proctor members grow their business.

Kristin Stampini

Boca Raton, FL

A successful businesswoman for over 25 years, Kristin won the Craig Proctor Rookie of the Year Award in 2010 after beginning with Craig’s system that year. Kristin and her husband Mark had launched “Florida Platinum Group” RE/MAX two years earlier, and their team currently sells between 100 – 200 homes per year. A leader in multiple organizations in her local community, Kristin has 15 real estate certifications, has received 14 real estate awards and is among the top 1% of Realtors in North America. She has always been a manager, coach and teacher, skills that have enabled her to run her own successful real estate business while also devoting time as a Craig Proctor coach to teach agents from across the country how to create and sustain a profitable business.

Joey Trombley

Rouses Point, NY

Joey is a 32 year veteran in the real estate industry and has been involved with the Quantum Leap system since 1998. Joey was one of our earliest members to receive the distinguished Quantum Leap award. As broker/owner of his own independent real estate company since 1992, Joey and his team have been ranked yearly as the top team in the Clinton County and individually Joey is in the top three in his market place in various categories. Joey became one of our first coaches within the Quantum leap system in 2006 and been helping realtors achieve outstanding results year after year. Joey has been married for 31 years and has three children. His son Gaelan is in the real estate business with him and his daughter Sagan is living and working in Naples Florida, while his youngest daughter is a Freshman at the State University at Oneonta. Joey is a community oriented person who is currently the School Board President for Chazy Central Rural School. Joey has been choir director for his church for the past 17 years and is active in his local Lions Club. Joey is a principle centered person who will help you to climb to top of your real estate profession in a legal and ethical manner using the Quantum Leap System.

Todd Walters

Atlanta, GA

Todd Walters has achieved real estate career milestones since becoming a real estate agent in 1990. Todd has been involved in over 5,000 transactions, and earned over $25 million in commissions. He was ranked in the top 10 for Re/Max International and in the top 20 agents for NAR. He was hand picked by Craig Proctor in 2003 to assist Craig with the Platinum Program, North America's Premiere Real Estate Coaching Level Program.

Bill Watson

Englewood, CO

In 1984, Bill Watson began his Real Estate career selling new homes. By 1986 he owned Watson Real Estate, providing Sales and Marketing to the New Home Industry as well as traditional Real Estate services. The Year 1996 brought a shift in Bill's career, where he functioned as the VP of Sales and Marketing for a local builder, Ashcroft Homes. During this time, he also had the awesome privilege of being part of the faculty with the University of Housing, training Sales and Marketing Professionals nation-wide. In 2005, everything changed; Bill joined Re/Max and quickly started building his Real Estate Business. But it was not until Bill came to his first Super Conference, that the business really took off. Since that time, Bill has achieved The Chairman's Club, Re/Max Hall of Fame and has received the Coveted Quantum Leap Award for Marketing Excellence.

Sam Wilson

Golden, CO

Prior to his career in real estate which began in 2001, Sam held several senior sales, marketing, and leadership positions at major corporations such as Proctor and Gamble, The Polaroid Corporation and The Coca-Cola Company. Before starting his own real estate brokerage, Sam was the top agent in an office of 80+ agents where held this distinction for four years running. Now the Broker/Owner and leader of a highly productive residential real estate firm, Wilson Group Real Estate, Sam has taken his team and his business to the elite level in his market place. As a result, The Wilson Group has consistently grown volume and transactions each year in a declining market and are consistently one of the top producing agents in the Denver Metro market for Residential Real Estate Agents.