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Access to the Best Real Estate Trainers and Systems in the US and Canada

Not All Real Estate Trainers Are Equal

Unlike other real estate trainers (who haven’t been in front of a real buyer or seller for decades, if ever), Craig Proctor’s dual track record as both a #1 Top Agent (twice #1 for Re/Max Worldwide) and #1 Top Real Estate Coach in North America (Proctor’s real estate system has created more Millionaire agents than any other coach or trainer) makes him THE obvious choice for agents determined to thrive financially without high lifestyle costs.

Endorsed by industry leaders from all franchises, Craig is described by business guru Michael Gerber as “a visionary who reinvented the job called real estate and someone who teaches agents about freedom rather than about work."

Who You Hire as Your Real Estate Coach Really Matters

A profitable and “real” business MUST be based on solid systems. In real estate, that means a system to generate leads, a system to convert those leads, and a system to convert qualified prospects into paying clients. The agents who achieve mega success in our industry have done so on the strength of solid, proven, efficient business systems.

All of our real estate coaches are highly successful agents themselves who have leveraged Craig’s real estate systems to grow their own businesses exponentially. Unlike any other real estate mentoring, our real estate trainers are uniquely qualified to share real estate lead generation, conversion and presentation systems and strategies that work in the real world, right now.

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LIVE Training Seminars near you; in 3 hours, you can learn easy, inexpensive jackpot lead generation techniques (get actual ads to use), powerful and proven presentations. Learn more about Craig Proctor’s Real Estate Agent Seminars


Multiple hours of intense training and gives you FULL access to every ad and system that enabled Craig to sell over 500 homes a year. Learn more about Craig Proctor’s Superconference


Receive a No-Charge, No-Obligation, One-on-One, Private Coaching Consultation so you can determine how Craig Proctor’s Coaching Program will work for you. Learn more about Craig Proctor’s Real Estate Mentoring


Join thousands of fellow agents on FREE weekly webinars on which Craig shares the secrets of his success; receive special access to strategies and tools.

Real Estate Seminars and Real Estate Mentoring Programs

We make it easy for you to learn more about the Craig Proctor Real Estate Success System and how it can help you take your own business to the next level. Our Craig Proctor Discovery Days are free real estate seminars held monthly in markets across North America. Alternatively, you can request a Free One-on-One Business Consultation with a real estate coach from our team. Our 3-Day Ultimate Real Estate Success SuperConference held six times a year represents the most powerful real estate seminar in the industry.

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