Objections are a normal process on the path to a successful sale. When a prospect has an objection, it means they’re not convinced by your offer, meaning you haven’t given them a compelling enough reason to accept your offer. There aren’t thousands or even hundreds of different objections. Most of what a prospect will question boils down to less than ten. If you don’t know how to answer these objections, the conversion process stops cold. Learn 3 common objections and how to handle them.

The OFFER is what makes the deal, and accountability is a compelling (and rare) Offer. Those of you who’ve been following my training have heard me talk (a lot) about the importance of developing a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This step is vital because USPs help to separate you from all the other agents in your market.

Some of your team members will not follow through properly with your buyers, either through ignorance or arrogance. What is it your buyers really want and need? Download my 9 Point VIP Buyers checklist to learn how to make sure your buyer leads are nurtured correctly.

Often, one of the first and easiest things we help agents fix is their target market. Most of you will think you have this nailed. Afterall, aren’t you just after anyone who’s in the market to buy or sell? The short answer is no. This is actually a very common mistake, and it affects EVERYTHING: what your ad says, where you run it, your commission. I made the same mistake myself early in my career, but once I figured it out ... Instant Pay Raise!

The #1 reason realtors fail has nothing to do with how good they are at the technical parts of the business or their work ethic or people skills. Great agents fail every day, and in most cases the root problem is the same. Learn what to change and why you do not have to choose between your money and your life or work so hard for success. Learn how you really can build a high 6-figure (and even 7 and 8-figure) business the way so many of my students have.)

Referrals add an important depth to your marketing machine. I automated this part of my business and it’s a good idea for you to do the same. The basis of the referral program I teach agents is to make it easy and motivating for clients to take the step of making a referral (without you having to beg or hand out a bazillion business cards).

Leverage is the power to maximize results with the least amount of energy, time, money and risk on your part. To grow a profitable 7-figure business that doesn’t consume your life, you must leverage yourself in 3 ways: Marketing, Technology and People. Learn the 9 step system to designing your real estate team.

Most agents will try to attract Sellers by offering a free home evaluation or advice on how to sell their home for top dollar, but in the current seller’s market these kinds of offers have little value because the seller knows their home is going to sell and probably sell for way above asking. The #1 problem the seller has is, “where am I going to go?”. Learn how to address this seller need so you win the listing.

I was the top listing agent in North America for several years because I understood exactly what sellers needed to hear when face-to-face with an agent. Most agents do not understand the process, mistakenly making the presentation about themselves vs. the seller. Learn how to set yourself apart from other agents to win the listing.

The average income for Craig Proctor System Members is over $700k. Over 200 members earn OVER $1 Million in annual GCI. MANY earn annual GCI of $2 Million. Some even earn over $1 Million a MONTH. Following are 7 key boxes our most successful members can check with confidence. How many can you check?

The natural conclusion to an awesome presentation is the seller asking you, “Where should I sign?” If you’re faced with objections, and you find that you have to be a closer or an arm-twister, it simply means your presentation isn’t strong enough. Learn 9 common listing presentation mistakes to avoid and proven tips to overcome them.

My FSBO System is one of the biggest seller lead generators I teach (although only one of many highly effective lead generation systems in the Craig Proctor System arsenal). I know it will generate leads for you too if you run it in your marketplace because it hits a psychological weak spot with FSBOs they won’t be able to resist.

Never work with a buyer just because you “can”. Work with them because you “must” (because there’s something in it for “you”). Learn 7 essential strategies to make money on buyers in the current market.

To do well in this business you must have a marketing system in place that enables you to cost efficiently and automatically generate more leads than you can possibly work with thus giving you the luxury of choice and allowing you to pick and choose who YOU want to work with (you become the rejector vs. the rejected.) Learn how to reverse the prospecting process so qualified buyers and sellers chase you vs. you chasing them.

You’ve defined your target market. You know what resonates with them, and how to be relevant to them. You can get them to see your content and join your audience, but you can’t hold their attention long enough to convert them to buyers and too many of them forget about you before they even see your offer. Learn how Social Media can help you create omnipresence to solve this problem.

This completely customized easy-to-use business plan format will allow you to map out your entire business strategy for the next year in less time than it takes to do one listing presentation.