Most of you will be up against mega-agents who’ve built powerful, profitable and enviable businesses. I’m considered the OG of the mega-agent team as I pioneered this hugely profitable business system early in my own career. Learn the step-by-step blueprint to PROFITABLY scale your own business.

One the first things we help agents fix is their target market. Most of you will think you have this nailed but this common mistake affects EVERYTHING: What your ad says, where you run it, your commission. And when you get it right? Instant Pay Raise!.

The #1 reason realtors fail has nothing to do with how good they are at the technical parts of the business or their work ethic or people skills. Let me show the most common agent mistakes and show you what to do instead.

Learn the proven ad language (unknown to most agents) that will create an immediate response from buyers who are ready, willing and able to buy right now, and sellers who have a desirable property and realistic expectations

I was the top listing agent in North America for several years because I understood exactly what sellers needed to hear when face-to-face with an agent. Most agents mistakenly make the presentation about themselves vs. the seller. Learn how to set yourself apart from other agents to win the listing.

A major problem for many agents is that not enough buyers and sellers know who they are. Learn a simple strategy that will allow you to easily and inexpensively dominate your marketplace … even if you don’t have a big budget or even any listings.

Lead conversion is a major Achilles heel for most agents. If you don't have a system to convert your leads to appointments you're wasting most of the time and money you're spending on lead generation. Learn my perfect follow up system so you can successfully convert more of your leads.

If you’ve got listings in this crazy hot market, it’s easy to make money but many agents have no systematic way to ensure they get paid by the buyers they work with even in normal times. Learn how to make money on buyers in this seller’s market.

If you want to see real success as a realtor, the OFFER is what makes the deal, NOT the platform (where you run it). My 25 years of experience creating and putting together Offers that high quality prospects cannot resist sets my training apart. Learn how here.

Because I grew my own real estate business to multiple 7-Figures, I know the exact steps you need to take to grow a profitable business that doesn’t consume your life. It is not coincidence that my 7-Figure business system has created more Millionaire Agents than any other coach or trainer.

In today’s market, if you’re not on social media you’re out of business. Let me show you how to be in the right place, at the right time, saying and doing the right things so you create an omnipresence with the right prospects who will reach out to you (vs. you chasing them).

While it’s true that referrals can be an important lead source, you must stop chasing down referrals the traditional way (such as handing out a bazillion business cards; hounding friends, family and neighbors etc.). Here’s what to do instead:

Crisis creates opportunity and there’s no doubt that this is one of the hottest sellers markets any of us has ever experienced. Learn how to be the one agent sellers choose to represent them.

Listen as I demonstrate the strategies and language you should be using that will compel 9 out of 10 prospects to list with you a realistic sales price, ...and at full commission

Learn the lead generation, lead conversion and presentation strategies my Millionaire agent members are using right now, in this market, to profitably grow their businesses