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· Craig Proctor sold more than a home a day, every day, during his 20+ year career.

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· Known within the industry as the Millionaire Agent-Maker, Billion Dollar Agent Craig Proctor was twice named the #1 agent in the world for RE/MAX, and was one of the TOP RE/MAX agents in the country for over 20 years.

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There are only two ways to make more money in real estate:

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Craig Proctor will show you how to do both in this dynamic session

When you attend one of Craig's Free Half Day Discovery Days ( see current schedule HERE) you'll learn ...

· How to generate a steady flow of ready to act now leads WITHOUT COLD CALLING

· What to offer buyers and sellers to compel them to want to meet with you

· Exactly what to say and do in your presentations to secure more contracts

· How to create your Rules of Engagement with Buyers so you get fairly compensated for the time you spend with them

· Learn how you can explode your income while spending less time working. Learn how to go from "having a job that controls you" to "owning a business that frees you".

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