Mike Boychuk

How Agent Added 24% to His GCI Without Working or Spending More

"Becoming a Realtor in 2005, I took a business approach to real estate. By 2008, I became very busy closing over 60 transactions that year. However, balancing the needs of my family and personal life with the immense demands of a high-volume real estate job was difficult.

"In 2013, my wife and I had our third child, my real estate team was struggling with turnover of agents, and I had hit a plateau in production. Even worse, I was still working just as hard as I was before.

"In August that same year, I attended one of Craig Proctor's training workshops and I knew immediately that this was the help I needed. I joined Craig's coaching system on the spot. I started implementing changes in my business that made a huge difference. Every time I have a problem, the answer is there and the help I need to figure it out is available. Craig's system helped me gain clarity and direction on where my business is going, and to implement specific steps for getting better results in almost everything we do.

"Most importantly, my real estate job has been transformed into a real estate business, and my life is better as a result. My team has also become a better place to work for the agents and staff, and it's amazing to see their growth and success. Last year, we had a 24% increase in gross commission income over prior year, selling almost 100 homes! This was done without adding any extra marketing systems or agents to my team. I am very thankful to Craig Proctor for his help and guidance."

-- Mike Boychuk (Saskatoon, SK)

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