Bertrand Dussault

Real Estate Success So Easy it Feels Like Cheating!

(I'm cheating and I really feel good about it!)

I decided to write because I have to talk to somebody about this situation...

When I was a kid, it was the beginning of the videogame era. I can remember in that time there was a new game that became very popular. All the kids at my school were talking about this specific game. It was THE game. It was called Super Mario. This game turned out to be one of the best games ever. This is probably the mother of all games. So fun… but how difficult.

This game used to drive me crazy. There were 8 "worlds" that you had to go through to win the game and I wouldn't stop to play until I finished it. If it wasn't for my mother, I wouldn't go to sleep. I have to say that it wasn't easy for my poor mom… I was barely able to finish the second world… so every time she would ask me to come eat, or go sleep "I can't stop mommy… I'm almost there" ;) Obviously, I never was "almost there"… But I wanted to succeed so badly that I didn't want to stop.

I spent so many hours, or should I say, weeks before I got just a little bit better at the game.

But one day… My very good friend Martin explained to me that there was a way to cheat… Seriously !?! He showed me how to do some tricks to get more points… I ran to my house, opened my game, and I did e-xac-tly what he had told me… Guess what… It worked and I earned a lot of points. So many points that I beat all my previous best scores. You know where I was the day after? Yes, at Martin's house so I can have more tricks to play with… And Martin showed me so many tricks and cool things to do. Each time I ran to my house, opened the game, and reproduced all those tricks, sometimes even forgot to eat. I remember the day where Martin showed me how to get to the 8th world straight from the first… Without having to go through all the other ones… Can you believe it !?! Straight to the 8th World… That's crazy!

I have to admit… I was cheating ;) and I loved it !!!

Lately, before I was introduced to the Craig Proctor Real Estate Success System, I was thinking that I knew how real estate worked and I thought that I was not so bad at it… that I knew "How to play the game"… I thought I was "almost there". But since I started the coaching and even more with the platinum program, I'm so cheating this game… If I want more leads… I reproduce the trick and I get it. If I want more appointments… I just do the trick… If I want more Money, more OSA's, more Time… I do the trick !!!

And I'm proud to say that, thanks to you, in 2016 I increased my business by 246% of what I did in 2015… And this, my friends, is just the beginning…

I want to thank the entire Craig Proctor coaching team for the tremendous positive changes you bring to my life.

There is one thing that comes to my head every day…

I'm cheating and I really feel good about it !

-- Bertrand Dussault (Candiac, QC)

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