Alison Walsh

We've Tried Every Real Estate Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Motivator-Only This System Helped Us Get to Over $1 Million in Annual GCI

"Craig Proctor's unparalleled coaching system has provided us the path to a more Profitable Business, More Sales and More Free Time while at the same time delivering awesome value-added services to clients and team members. The solid and proven tools we're given has shifted our thinking to a mindset of "abundance" (there is plenty of business out there if you know how to find it) and this paved the path for us of a bigger vision of our future that included opening our own independent brokerage "Guaranteed Real Estate Services Inc., Brokerage". We would never have been able to do this without Craig's coaching which is is untouchable in the industry.

"After 25-years (Alison) and 31-years (Lou) in the Real Estate business, we have been to every coach, trainer, speaker and motivator. No one has what Craig is cranking out with his impressive track record of real estate business success with thousands of members across the globe. The massive amount of tried and true systems on the Craig Proctor coaching site is comprehensive, detailed and ready for implementation.

"Importantly, Craig is on top of all the current trends in the real estate market North American wide. His coaching and systems are NOT static, but instead evolve to take advantage of opportunities and protect current streams of business.

"Does Craig's System work? You bet!

"Do you have to open your own brokerage to implement the system? Absolutely NOT!

"Do you have to learn, work and dig deep into your long-standing mental bias? Yes.

The systems and ideas work. The evidence is overwhelming. Your mindset will change and that takes coaching, effort and diligent action.

"Our income went up easily and consistently. We now have 5,000 buyer leads, and our income is now well over a $1 Million each year even through numerous business changes. While we work hard at the business we love, we now spent it differently - more ON the business than IN the business which, in turn, creates growth."

-- Alison Walsh & Lou Volk (Burlington, ON)

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