Sandy Casella

Tripling Your Business is as Easy as This ... Agent Shares Her Steps

"A little over four years ago, after having been in the real estate industry for about 24 years, I was tired, burnt out and ready to quit. I had found Craig's system years earlier but hadn't applied it to my business.

"Fast forward to today where I'm writing this from Anna Maria Island in Florida looking out over a picturesque view of the water which happens to be one of my most favourite things to do, something I would never have dreamed I could do a few short years ago.

"Before joining Craig's system I had hit a ceiling of $150,000 and couldn't get over that no matter what I did. Last year our team did $400,000 and our target is $1million in the next couple of years.

"I got involved with Craig's system because I felt it would help me generate more leads and build a business, but there are so many other things that it has helped me do that I could never have known at that time:

• I could never have known that I would find some of my very best friends, people who I trust not only to help me with business questions but on a personal level as well.

• I could also have never known that I would be coaching other real estate agents to succeed

• Nor could I have known I would be in a position to give so much back to an issue that is very near and dear to my heart, mental health.

"Craig has an entire system to grow your business without any cold calling or door knocking. With Craig's system, I don't do any door knocking or cold calling. All of the leads that I generate contact me first and I pick and choose which ones I want to work with. No more working with people who don't respect my time or expertise.

"This system has allowed me to take what I wanted to do with my business and realize it. I've now built a small team which includes my son who left his corporate job to partner up with me. I am close to realizing my dream of spending the winter months somewhere warm and still have my business running while I'm away. I can pretty much work from anywhere right now and not have to worry that my business will fall apart or that I will have to start all over again when I get back.

"I still have a long way to go to build my dream team and hit the numbers I want to hit, but I now have a system to get me there and I have what feels like a business vs. just a job. I am always on the lookout now for great agents to mentor in the business as well as staff who love the real estate industry but don't want to sell real estate.

"Craig's system has given me the peace of mind that I can predict my business year over year. No more feeling sick to my stomach every January wondering whether I will make enough money to make ends meet. I still work really hard and still put in the hours, but now I'm doing it because I love learning and I love a challenge and this allows me to have both."

-- Sandy Casella (Burlington, ON)

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