Marnie Bennett

Agent Builds a Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Legacy in 4 Short Years

"As I access my business model and my success to date I cannot help but reflect back on the journey. I went to my very first Craig Proctor SuperConference in Los Angeles in May 2010. At that time, I was on target to be the #1 Agent for Keller Williams International - but truth be known, I had no systems, no direction, no lead generation systems -- just "old school" real estate. But I had done my research and the common denominator of the most successful agents in my market place was that they were all Craig Proctor students.

"By the way, I was #1 in 2010 for Keller Williams, and would have been for 2011, but I left to start my own boutique brokerage in January 2012 thanks to Craig's encouragement. Before I went to the SuperConference, I had been working with coaches from Keller Williams, and also I acquired other coaching outside of KW, but I was not making any great strides and I knew there was a better system and I needed to find that answer.

"I arrived at LA Live with my daughter Lynsey, who at the time was running the whole show for our team. At that time my GCI was just over $3.2 million. We had 4 agents, an inside sales person who had no idea what they were doing, and two administrators. I was the team leader. I did not sell or list. I was responsible for building the team and hunting for business. When I attended the conference, like many others I was overwhelmed. I was so determined to absorb everything and I knew from that moment that this was something I had to learn and conquer because this would be the secret to my success. My children had now joined the business and I had to build a legacy. I had to succeed for their future. I was this "rainmaker" that Craig kept talking about, and I had to make this happen. It has been quite a roller coaster ride but Craig's team was there to guide me, and provide me the leadership and confidence to move forward.

"Within three years, I had more than doubled my GCI, and I now have my own boutique brokerage, I own a beautiful heritage office building downtown, we have 40 people on our team and in one of the toughest markets I have grown my resale numbers by 58%. I could never have done this without Craig's system.

"Craig is the most knowledgeable real estate person I have ever met and the people on his team have the most incredible real estate minds in the world. Thanks to Craig's system, I have built a business that my children can take over and I will continue to grow and learn. Over the last few years, I have met the best people in the world through Craig Proctor's program. I have all kinds of new friends and I have the ability to pick up the phone or email any of my colleagues for help and advice, and it all started at that SuperConference. Every conference is absolutely the best. Craig, my family thanks you for getting us through the hard times and we look forward to learning more and growing. Craig is a genius and I am so grateful he shared his system with me."

-- Marnie Bennett (Ottawa, ON)

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