Jim & Jessica Bottrell

I No Longer Worry About Where My Next Commission Check is Coming From Because I Average Receiving One Every 36 Hours

"The simplest way to describe how the Craig Proctor System has worked for me: My life is different. My life is MUCH better than it was.

"A few years ago, I attended my first Super- Conference kicking and screaming because I didn't want to go. Honestly speaking, I wanted nothing to do with it. My wife had been to one of James MacDonald's half-day seminars and she dragged me to the SuperConference. I'm sure glad that she did! It changed our lives.

"I was an average real estate agent when I was introduced to the Craig Proctor System five years ago. Prior to the Craig Proctor system, I averaged 20 closings per year. I did that year-in and year-out. I now average over 200 closings per year. I now do ten times as much business as I did prior to Craig's system....and I work LESS. I have more business than I have ability to manage, but thankfully, the Craig Proctor System helps with that problem too.

"It took a little time for me to understand the depth of the Craig Proctor System. At first, I thought it was just a leads system. Then, after a little bit of time, I realized what the System really was: The Craig Proctor System is actually an entire business model that can answer literally any question I have ranging from recruiting to how to properly manage a Profit and Loss statement as well as everything in between. It truly is an entire business model "System".

"In summary, the Craig Proctor System changed my life. No longer do I have to worry about where my next commission check is coming from - I average receiving one every 36 hours. I no longer work 80 hours per week - I take weekends off! I no longer worry about the things that all of the other real estate agents worry about. Life is better. MUCH better. I have to thank the Craig Proctor System for that. I will close this with the quote that I learned from Craig Proctor early on that literally changed the course of my life: "Poor people look at what something costs; wealthy people look at what they can gain from it." I have never in my life read something so impactful.... and so true."

-- Jim & Jessica Bottrell (San Diego, CA)

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