13 Women Who Made it Big in Real Estate

Lauren Parente, Vaughan, ON

"When I started with the program that has propelled me to my current level of success, I was a brand new agent. Although I had become licensed the year prior, I was a stay-at-home mother of three beautiful boys so I wasn't really practicing real estate.

"I joined a successful team and it was no secret that all the programs and procedures being followed there were derived from the systems taught by real estate trainer Craig Proctor.

"Although I was 'green' (dare I admit I had never even installed a lock box), I had a desire to accomplish more, to better myself and to succeed. Call me crazy, (or just plain smart) I decided to trust my gut and take a leap of faith by joining Craig's coaching program. Fast forward just over a year and a half. Not only do I have a team of 8, but we are well on track to hit $750,000 in GCI this year."


Debbie Renna-Hynes, Penfield, NY

Debbie Renna-Hynes began her real estate career in 2003 following 25 years teaching high school. Now CEO of The Renna Hynes Team, Debbie is a multiple award winner, including REALTOR Associate of the Year. Recently featured on the cover of Top Agent Magazine, she ranks as one of the top agents in her Board, and in NY State.

Renna-Hynes attributes her success in the real estate industry not only to hard work but having real estate coaches. "I have always known that education is important in any business." A little over five years ago she started researching coaches in North America and stumbled across Craig Proctor. It was through Craig Proctor and his coaching organization that she quickly began to be recognized as a top agent in her area.


Marnie Bennett, Ottawa, ON

"I went to my very first Craig Proctor SuperConference in Los Angeles in May 2010. At that time, I was about to become the #1 Agent for Keller Williams International - but truth be known, I had no systems, no direction, no lead generation systems -- just "old school" real estate. But I had done my research and the common dominator of the most successful agents in my market place was that they were all Craig Proctor students.

"Craig's team was there to guide me, provide me the leadership and confidence to move forward. Within 3 years I was making annual GCI of $6.6 million, I have my own boutique brokerage, I own a beautiful heritage office building downtown, we have 40 people on our team and in one of the toughest markets I have grown my resale numbers by 58%.

I could never have done this without Craig's system. Craig is the most knowledgeable real estate person I have ever met, and thanks to Craig's system, I have built a business that my children can take over and I will continue to grow and learn."


Carol Royse, Tempe, AZ

Carol Royse is a Real Estate Icon in the Metro Phoenix area, having been licensed for over 33 years. Joined by her daughter, Vikki Royse Middlebrook, and her son, Timothy Evans, the Carol Royse Team is nationally and regionally recognized as a top Team in Arizona. The Team has been featured in many real estate journals and publications including the Wall Street Journal, television and radio. Royse and the Team serve home sellers, home buyers as well as many investor clients in the US and Internationally.

A strong advocate of business coaching, Carol, Vikki and Tim have been members of Craig Proctor Coaching since 2000 and have recently joined the prestigious Titanium Coaching Program.

"There seems to be regular discussion and training about getting more closings and getting clients to come back and buy," says Royse, "BUT... there seems to be little discussion about increasing the amount of money you make per transaction. In fact in all of my 20+ years of selling real estate, the ONLY place I have heard or been trained on increasing the amount of money I make per transaction is from Craig Proctor Coaching. What I have discovered is that my clients want better service and results, more value, not less and if the value is there, they will pay for it and give me raving reviews for over delivering.

"By implementing the systems I learned from Craig Proctor, buyers and sellers began to see the difference I brought to the sale of their home. Getting the seller top dollar in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle to them is not just a catchy phrase. When I applied proven systems, sellers became more than willing to pay a premium to get their property sold."


Dione Irwin, Airdrie, AB

"We wanted to do well from the very beginning so, right from the start, we embraced what Craig Proctor taught us. Frankly, everything changed once we did. In our first full year in real estate, we completed 65 transactions. The next year, we almost tripled that.

"Our success has come as a result of copying Craig Proctor's system. Within 4 years, our annual GCI was $1.87 Million. This has created freedom for our family. We're able to give to other people, put more money into marketing, take better care of our clients and become a really strong force in our city. In our wildest dreams, we never thought we could be where we are in our real estate careers and in our lives." --


Laura Petersen, Celebration, FL

Laura Petersen started her real estate career in Orlando, FL in 2005 after 20+ years of business management and ownership. Buying FrontGate Realty in 2008, Laura and her team sell hundreds of homes and consistently earn a 5 star client rating for excellent customer service. A member of Craig Proctor's elite Titanium Group, consisting of agents in the top 1% of North America, Laura also coaches realtors across North America in the Craig Proctor Real Estate Success System. In 2014, Orlando Style Magazine named Laura as one of the top 10 Realtors in Orlando.


Nasira Jamal, Brampton, ON

"I have now been licensed for 10 years and the last 7.5 years I did what most Realtors do...followed the pack, cold calling, door knocking and I prayed for success. Each year seemed more stressful than the previous. I accepted Craig Proctor's help in 2013 and my business took off immediately. Last year, 2015, I again doubled my production! I could not be happier, I'm in full control of my business, my income and my future." - Nasira Jamal, Brampton, ON


Sarah Reynolds-Oji, Chantilly, VA

"I've just finished my best year in this business, reaching my goal by breaking over 700,000 in GCI. Despite the fact that my husband and I are about to welcome our first child, we have NEVER been this busy in our business. Much of the credit for this goes to my coach and mentor Craig Proctor whose system I have been following. Very soon into the program it became clear to me that this was my ticket, and I diligently followed the breadcrumbs he laid out for me. I've never looked back."


Sandy Casella, Mississauga, ON

"I started in real estate in 1989 by actually flipping houses. By 1998, circumstances had changed somewhat and I was forced to generate an income to support my family. I got licensed, but my life as a Realtor was pretty common - some years were OK, others weren't.

"As time went on I realized that I'd hit a ceiling and just couldn't break through. There was no question in my mind that there was a BETTER way to do this business -- I just couldn't attain it and it wasn't for a lack of trying. I had tasted enough of it to know that I wanted a business that served me and I desperately wanted to come into a January without that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach wondering what kind of year I was going to have.

"When I started with Craig Proctor's system I was ready to quit. I had struggled through two bad years in the business, I was burnt out and I knew I just couldn't do it anymore unless something drastic happened. I jumped in with both feet knowing two things: this would work and that I would never go back to selling real estate the way I had for the past 23 years. I immediately started working hard and implementing what I learned.

"Today, a short 2 ½ years later, my biggest problem is finding people to help me handle all the business that I have. In just my second year, my income jumped from $100,000 to $335,000. I had always been a solo agent, and I now have administrative help as well as 3 OSA's that handle all the leads that I generate. I am excited about the business now and look forward to growing my team and helping them have a successful career as well.

"I could not have done this on my own. This program is a complete system that will get you from where you are today, wherever that may be, to realizing quantum leaps in your business."


Kristin Stampini, Boca Raton, FL

"Craig made it so simple and the dramatic growth in my business has come about because I've basically just listened to what Craig told me to do and implemented it. Craig's system is so simple. I would never have gotten where I am today without him."


Audrey Bien-Aime, Montreal, QC

In 2010, using the Craig Proctor System, Audrey Bien-Aime and her husband/partner, Francis Lavoie, earned over $1 Million Dollars GCI. They were only 26 years old at the time.

Every single year since then, they have achieved over $1 Million Dollars in GCI, hitting $2 Million GCI in 2015 and on track to do $3 Million dollars in GCI in 2016.

Group Lavoie is currently # 2 in Montreal, Quebec and has risen to #14 in all of Canada for this year (2016).

Group Lavoie gained huge recognition in their community for hosting Seminars on how to Flip Real Estate …. These seminars are a huge success and brings hundreds of people into their real estate pipeline.

Audrey Bien-Aime was recognized in Real Estate Professional Magazine as one of the top 100 Women who are shaping the future of the real estate industry. Along with being a busy mom and ardent supporter of Opération Enfant Soleil, Audrey was recently one of the key speakers at L'Art de la conference (The Art of the Conference), one of six "rebel" speakers, in which she spoke about the need to "assert yourself to succeed".


Lynn Horner Baker, Marietta, GA

"My life is great since learning to implement Craig's system. Both transactions and GCI are up 50%. I work 30% less hours than I used to and take 3 extra weeks off per year. I used to work 5 evenings a week and every weekend. Now I only work 2 evenings a week and one Saturday per month.

"Every aspect of every system has been tested, adjusted, tested again and perfected before Craig recommends it to us. All we have to do is implement a winning system and reap the benefits. How beautiful is that! The growth in my business has not only allowed me to take weekends off, but also to travel more and spend more time with my children and grandchildren. As a matter of fact, it has afforded me the opportunity to bring my children into my business and train them through Craig, provide a lifetime value in systems and a business model that will guarantee an exceptional value to them and their families forever. As a parent, this is the greatest accomplishment of my life."


Heidi Deveau, Toronto, ON

"I have been in Real Estate now for 6 years. About 2 years ago, as a burnt out Realtor, I joined Craig Proctor's Ultimate Real Estate Success System. At the time, I was just plain tired of all the useless stuff and grunt work and as a result, I took about six months off actually contemplating a career change. It was discouraging. My GCI for that year had dropped about $200k bringing it down to $30k for that year.

"After I joined the program, I immediately saw the value and started to implement and execute everything Craig taught me to do. Throughout the course of my first year, my confidence came back, my energy levels improved and I was back in the business that I realized I was still very passionate about. Craig's system helped me get my mojo back and I could not be more grateful. After about a year, my GCI was sitting at 140k. This year, we have already earned that and we're on track to more than double our business. I now have a full team of support to help handle all the overflow of business and, most importantly, I have a road map to grow my business successfully and profitably and still have time to enjoy my family and friends. Life could not be better."

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