Nancy Kowalik

When All 6 Deals Fell Apart After Giving Up the Summer with My Kids, I Knew Something

"As we're taught and encouraged to do, I spent 6 years in this business as an AGENT EXTRAORDINAIRE. That's what I kept telling myself. I had made a promise that I personally would make sure that my clients would receive better response time, better accessibility, constant attention, and of course, better service...

"For all those years I literally gave everything to clients who, in actuality, had no loyalty and no real consideration for me. During those years I must admit that I spent precious little time with my two kids, who, by the way, grow up at a very alarming rate. From a business standpoint, just trading time for dollars, I just couldn't get past $5-6 million in sales. Then came the summer that I never even made it into the pool club to swim. I put 6 deals together and they all fell apart. All for the usual reasons - financing woes, job loss, inspections and the rest of it. In essence I blew the entire summer, spent NO time with my kids and didn't even close a sale!!

"That summer ended and I told myself, "Something MUST change". I started looking for a better way and my research kept me coming BACK to Craig Proctor and his Quantum Leap system, so that October I paid to fly to Anaheim (from NJ) to learn how to work smarter, not harder and make more money, create stability and enjoy my life again.

"Immediately after that weekend I started making changes to my business, and when I decided to really COPY, I started seeing a more pronounced change. The result? I TRIPLED my volume last year. To say the least, my business has really taken off. I had my first $1.5 million dollar listing CALL ME! And by the way, I took my kids to the shore for a week last summer and we had a great time and business carried on without me. I just came back from a trip to DC with my kids and had all my calls forwarded and business carried on. I even finally got the convertible I have been dreaming about for YEARS … a Mercedes SLK350. I'm now working on bigger and better goals for my entire life.

"I wish I had found Craig Proctor's system sooner. I found this program at a time when I was really scared for my future, and now all I see are possibilities. This program has allowed me to take my business from $165k in GCI in 2013 to $700k in 2014. That's a 400% increase. This has been a game changer. My kids are seeing possibilities in smart work that pays off. My 16-year-old son used to say, "You work all the time but there's no benefit." Now he says, "Mom, I can see the possibilities in your future, and I can see the possibilities in my future."

-- Nancy Kowalik (Sewell, NJ)

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