Mario Sconza

Mario's Sudden "Magic Carpet Ride" After 29 Years in the Business

"Herein I am privileged to share with you the amazing "magic carpet ride" my family has been on since receiving the blessing of being a Craig Proctor Coaching Member. November 27, 1989. I was 18 years young and officially received my Real Estate license at 11:55 am. It was a proud moment for my amazing Father, the late great Mario Guido Sconza. He came to Canada from Italy in 1950 with a suitcase and $5. After numerous struggles, he and my mom, Maria Sconza, were able to build a Real Estate Company that housed 250 Outside Sales Agents. I was ready for the same gargantuan success. Quickly. It did not come.

"By most accounts, it would seem I had failed successfully, having a 6 figure job (JUST OVER BROKE), however I did not have what I longed for. A thriving business. My father taught me at a very early age the importance of learning from the best, having had the amazing Zig Ziglar as his personal COACH in the early 1960's.

"Fast forward to 2005. I joined the leader. Craig Proctor Coaching. I quit 10 months later. I fell back into what I was taught by so many coaches through the years. Manual, grunt, shot in the dark (head) cold calling. In August 2015, thankfully, I made the decision to come back. Over the next two and a half years, my income consistently escalated from $171,561.23 to $530,008.86 to $1,011,794.30. Utilizing the amazing systems given to us, we inexpensively generate 300 to 500 leads monthly leveraging the automatic reverse prospecting Craig teaches.

"My wife of 25 years Sandie, her brother Domenic, our two children Daniel and Iszabella, their significant others Erica & Luciano together with long time family friends Mikhele Corvinelli and Michelle Adams are all involved in our expanding enterprise. Questions reveal the truth The late Steve Jobs said every day, before you walk out your front door, ask yourself, "if today was my last day, would I do what I am about to?" I confidently answer yes now that I have been given a crystal clear plan to follow for explosive growth thanks to Craig. My dad taught me to constantly be asking, "how can I turn my yearly income into my monthly income?" I have been given by Craig a turnkey business model to do that and more. My mother taught me to continually be asking, "For myself and my family I see the possibility of….?"

"All of my heart's desires in terms of provision for my family and humanity rest in Craig's amazing curriculum. My amazing mentor Billy Nasby taught me "you only have to believe until you know". What do you want? It is here. You will know. Thank you Craig Proctor and your entire team, especially my Coaches Todd Walters, James Mac- Donald and Marc Huntington. You have made my world a better place and given me a hope for the future beyond what I imagined prior to making a COMMITMENT FOR LIFE to your Coaching Program."

-- Mario Sconza (Vaughan, ON)

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