Rudy Lira Kusuma

How Agent Grew His Business by 267% in 2 Years to Earn Over $8 Million GCI and Become the #1 Agent

"While I've worked hard to get to my current level of success, hard work didn't always translate into the kind of life I yearned for. I may have achieved a level of financial success, but what it took from me and my family in terms of time was, quite frankly, unforgiveable. It was only when I decided to investigate, and then to embrace, Craig Proctor's Ultimate Real Estate Success System that my entire life turned around.

"Let me give you some specifics: Before Craig Proctor:

• I worked 7 days a week earning over $250k in annual GCI

• I have 2 boys and a wife that I rarely got to spend time with because I was working 24/7

• My wife and I have two sons (toddlers at the time). Because I was never home, and my wife was working a 9-5 job out of the house, we decided to send our youngest to live with my in-laws in Indonesia so they could take care of him and give him the time we were unable to ourselves

• I weighed 210 lbs - overweight because I had to eat fast food almost daily while showing homes (and had no time for exercise)

"After Craig's System:

• I no longer work 7 days a week and am able to spend all day Sunday with my family - my "whole" family given that our 6 youngest son is now back living with us

• My wife was able to quit her 9 to 5 JOB and joined my business as my partner (she's the most awesome ISA) • Our production continues to increase. Here are our numbers over the last three years:

• 2015 GCI-$2,198,225

• 2016 GCI-$3,854,975

• 2017 GCI-$8,063,574 (This ranked us as #1 for RE/MAX in California, #3 in the U.S. and #6 Worldwide!)

• I now weigh 170 lbs and have been keeping this healthy lifestyle since January 2013. I eat healthy (no more junk food) and exercise at least 3 times a week.

"Craig's Coaching program has totally transformed my life. It has enabled me to vault up the Re/ Max charts and become very wealthy, but more important than that, it has literally brought my family together."

-- Rudy Kusuma (Rosemead, CA)

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