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"I went to the Orlando seminar as a new agent with 6 months of experience in May 2011. I signed up for a year of coaching and I grew from 2 transactions to over 131 a year in just 3.5 years. This seminar and coaching system changed my life.

"The coaching works, the system works, the process works. If you want massive change, this is it. My one year of coaching has repaid itself 78 times what I invested.

"Proctor is a system that works and gives a real estate agent the tools, the systems, and the support to build a successful business. My first Broker advocated cold calling, door knocking, and constantly asking all my friends for business. It was laughable. I barely squeaked out 2 transactions. I worked long hours, enjoyed no time with my one year old son, and my relationship with my wife was strained at best. I was burned out, disappointed, and disenfranchised after being in this industry for 6 months. I was on the way out. I looked at myself and wanted something different and I was willing to change my mindset and actions in order to change my business. I believed that I had to change.

"Going into Craig's seminar with an open mind and willing to learn new things will enable you to achieve rapid success. Craig Proctor will offer you a paradigm shift. If you are an agent that wants to build a reliable and steady business that allows you to live a great life and have your time back then this it. If you are a skeptic and a cynic who is unwilling to work for success then this system is not for you. If you focus on the price of everything and the value of nothing then this isn't for you. I am living proof that this system is effective and I am willing to take a call from anyone who is on the fence about Craig Proctor. Call me at 858.997.6993. Don't believe a review from someone who has NEVER even attempted the system. The program is life altering and proven. My business as a Real Estate agent has grown in transactions as listed below.

YearNo. of Sales
Jan-Sep 2019 YTD:329

Call me personally if you are considering this at 858.997.6993

-- John Reeves (San Diego, CA)

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