Stay-at-Home Mom Turned Realtor Will Make $750,000 in her 1st Full Year

By: Lauren Parente

When I started with the program (about a year and a half ago) that has propelled me to my current level of success, I was a brand new agent. Although I had become licensed the year prior to this, I was a stay-at-home mother of three beautiful boys so I wasn't really practicing real estate. I decided it was time to learn more about how to properly market my business after joining a successful real estate team. It was clear to me from the beginning that their success had come because they had fully embraced the Craig Proctor system.

It was a successful team and also no secret that all the programs and procedures being followed there were derived from Craig's program.

All the successful agents in my area were doing the same thing

After more research, and realizing that most of the successful teams in my area were running the same program, I decided it was necessary to learn more. It was time to attend my very first Craig Proctor SuperConference. I was impressed with the turn out at the SuperConference and, in all honesty, I wasn't sure that I belonged there. Some of the agents in attendance had been in the business for years, even decades. Although I was 'green' (dare I admit I had never even in-stalled a lock box) we all had one thing in common: a desire to accomplish more. We wanted to better ourselves. We wanted to succeed and we knew there had to be a better way. Call me crazy, (or just plain smart) I decided to trust my gut and take a leap of faith. Not only did I decide to join Craig's coaching program, but I also decided it wasn't too early to implement Craig's Guaranteed Sale Program as well. Yes, that's right, this mother of three (who had never even installed a lock box) would be guaranteeing the sale of my client's homes or offering to buy them myself! Needless to say, it was a really great conference that made really great sense.

Fast forward just over a year and a half and my world has changed. What's more exciting is that it will continue to change, as I know this is just the beginning. Not only do I have a team of 8, and a great business partner (who I connected with by beginning a local Craig Proctor Mastermind Group), but we are well on track to hit $750,000 in GCI this year.

We're off to a really great start and I'm very grateful for that. Although we still have a lot to learn, I'm proud of what we've accomplished thus far. Having no excuses, taking full responsibility for the future and surrounding ourselves with the right culture and influencers (who both raise the bar and hold us accountable) have been the keys to our success. I'm so excited for what the future holds. It's no secret that we truly are the creators of our own destiny. I suppose success is what unfolds when we finally admit this to ourselves and consciously take action towards results.