Without a System, You Will Reinvent the Wheel Every Time

Tue, Aug 26, 2014

My March 7-8 SuperConference in Fort Lauderdale is just around the corner. Agents who attend our Super Conferences not only change their perspective – they change the way they do business, their success rate, and ultimately their lives.

This month I’ve been sharing some of the lessons we teach at the Super Conference. I’m not just giving you teasers, but sharing the strategies in detail. How can I just give it away? Because I HAVE SO MUCH MORE to share. In this blog we’re going to discuss #8 of my 8 Universal and Irrefutable Business Principles I’ve learned that underlie my entire system.

Universal Business Principle #8: Without a System, You Will Reinvent the Wheel Every Time

Effective systems will save you time and money, and help you achieve consistent and predictable results. A system is a regular, orderly way of doing something. It’s a plan for the way something should be done -- a plan that has been conceived incorporating (but outside of) the normal, day-to-day activities that consume most agents.

Why Your Business Needs Systems to Thrive

A system is duplicable. If your business is not duplicable, you really don’t have a business, you have a job. I’ve created systems for every part of my business. My Quantum Leap System represents the exact steps that were repeated inside my own business every single day in order to provide predictable, consistent and superior service to my customers. It represents the absolute best way I know of to get the job done, in the easiest, most cost-efficient manner that will achieve the best results.

In my quantum leap real estate success system, I have:
  • a system for attracting prospects
  • a system for converting them to appointments
  • a system to convert the appointments to clients
  • a system to provide clients with superior service, and
  • a system to turn them into lifetime clients
Reverse Prospecting

I managed the first two systems in my funnel (attracting prospects and converting them to appointments) every single day with what I like to call Reverse Prospecting. Reverse Prospecting attracts prospects to your door (or automatic hotline system, or email inbox), and it does it automatically. My system turns the tables on the prospecting process so that you NEVER have to cold-call prospects. Instead, your prospects call you. I call the system Reverse Prospecting because it’s opposite to how most agents source their leads.

There are just two steps in the Reverse Prospecting system. It’s highly duplicable (the sign of a successful system!) and I invite you to use it yourself.

STEP 1 - Create direct response lead generators

Market yourself effectively (read more about Unique Selling Points with direct response marketing using several media or communication channels. I use many different media channels because it’s important to have a good mix in your marketing. Editorial-style ads, classified ads, signs, and flyers are all media channels that I use in my own marketing that you’ll learn more about at the SuperConference. (In fact, you won’t just learn how to create these effective ads, I’ll give them to you, ready to run, so you can simply copy your way to success).

STEP 2 -- Use Your Hotline and Website Robots to answer, sift, and sort the best prospects.

Design your hotline script so prospects are further motivated and compelled to leave you a message and can qualify themselves AUTOMATICALLY. You will follow up with only the most qualified and motivated of the dozens (or hundreds) of prospects who will call you.

Reverse prospecting is truly that simple! Reach your target audience by focusing on your USP and how you can benefit your prospects with the benefit-rich ads I give you.. Give them a clear call to action, to call your automated hotline or visit a dedicated page on your website (again, I give you access to the proprietary and proven website I used to earn millions in my own business). These “robots” collect their contact information, flagging the most highly qualified prospects, enabling you to simply call them back (vs. cold call them.)

When you create a system and manage it correctly, it will keep itself churning 24/7 and the most qualified and most motivated prospects are now coming to you.
Do you want to test drive my ideas and systems absolutely free? This free introduction to Craig Proctor Systems includes live weekly webinars, a monthly newsletter and priority invitations to free half day training events around the country. With these free training tools, you will learn;
  • Reverse Prospecting – a highly effective lead generation that gets qualified prospects to hunt you down rather than the other way around.
  • More effective Lead Conversion
  • Prospect Presentation systems that will change the way you do business.
When you’re ready to get serious about changing your business and improving your life, you’re ready for the Craig Proctor SuperConference. Our next SuperConference is March 7-8, 2015 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. SuperConference offers over 35 hours of intense training, including 20 specific how-to sessions covering every aspect of real estate sales. You’ll also get direct Q&A access to Craig Proctor and his coaching staff, and have access to his specialized technology and Internet experts. SuperConference also provide plenty of networking events, so you can meet and learn from the most successful realtors in North America.


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