You Must Make it EASY and Fun for Prospects to Do Business with You

Tue, Aug 19, 2014

Today I’m sharing #5 of my 8 Universal and Irrefutable Business Principles I’ve learned that underlie my entire system. Even if you weren't able to join me at my Toronto Super Conference on August 15-17, I wanted to give you some powerful lessons that you can apply in your business right now. How can I just give all this valuable information away? Because I HAVE SO MUCH MORE to share. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I'll teach you at my next SuperConference that will be held in Anaheim, CA on September 12-14/14.  We actually need three days for each event because there is just SO MUCH material to cover. Agents who attend our Super Conferences not only change their perspective – they change the way they do business, their success rate, and ultimately their lives.

Universal Business Principle #5: You Must Make it EASY and Fun for Prospects to Do Business with You

If your message is hard to understand, if you are difficult to reach, if prospects have to go out of their way, they won’t stick around to give you a second chance. By making some shifts to make it inviting, easy, informative, non-threatening, educational, inspiring, and fun to do business with you, you'll lift your business high above your competitors.

When thinking about ways to make the process more enjoyable for your customers, remember that you cannot service too much. You can’t educate enough. You cannot inform too much. You can’t offer too much follow-up and follow-through. And you can’t make calling or coming into your business too desirable. I have two tools in particular that have revolutionized my business by making it easier and more enjoyable for prospects to work with me. They also help me increase my levels of service, education, information, and follow-up, and make calling me fun and easy (aka desirable). 1. Automated Hotline System One of the reasons prospects aren’t calling the number on your ads is because they don’t want to be sold to. They don’t want to talk with you, or any other sales person, because they know all about the cat and mouse game agents put them through. They just want more information -- clearly, quickly, and without having to jump through hoops. Once I incorporated a 24-hour automated hotline on my ads, my calls tripled. Why? Because prospects felt less threatened about making the call. They knew they’d get the information immediately, any time of day or night, without having to speak with an agent who would try to corner them and make them feel obligated. In other words, I made it easy and fun to do business with me. An automated hotline system answers every single call from prospects immediately and with consistent, professional and relevant information. To make the most of an automated hotline system, give each of your ads a unique ID# -- this will allow you to have every prospect’s call answered with a highly specific and targeted message (and also, importantly, enable you to track the performance or each and every dime you spend). The system will run perfectly every single time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with zero effort from you. It’s exactly as if you had hired a highly-skilled and personable robot to take your calls for you. And what’s more, these robots are trained to automatically sift and sort the best prospects from the mediocre ones. Incorporating an automated hotline system is a cost-efficient no-brainer and I recommend taking this step before you do anything else in your business. I go into detail at my SuperConference about how to set this up so it properly tracks your spending/ROI, sifts and sorts your prospects, and works in perfect marriage with my direct response ads. 2. Buyer Profile System Another good example of how I make it easy for prospects to deal with me is my Buyer Profile System. With this system, rather than me arbitrarily picking homes for my buyer prospects to view, and laboriously driving them around to look at them, I have a sophisticated computer program do the work for me (and do a much better job for the prospect in the process!). My Buyer Profile System is a computer program which automatically searches the MLS each night to find homes which match the buying criteria of my buyer prospects. These listings are mailed, faxed, or emailed to my prospects so they can keep up-to-date with the newest and hottest listings as they come on the market. With these lists, they can drive by homes that interest them, and contact you when they find a home they want to view inside. Automated systems deliver exactly what your prospect is looking for, in a straightforward manner. The time you’ll save weeding through calls and taking prospects to see homes is time you can invest in providing truly the best, more personal, service to your prospects. And that makes for a truly killer combination. You can experience different results. But it’s up to you to take the first step and make it happen. Is this the time to move from just thinking about success to achieving it with an experienced real estate coach? You can also significantly increase sales effectiveness by attending one of the biggest events in the real estate industry, The Craig Proctor Super Conference. You’ll get over 35 hours of intense training, including 20 specific how-to sessions covering every aspect of real estate sales. You’ll also get direct Q&A access to Craig Proctor and his coaching staff, and have access to his specialized technology and Internet experts. Join us in Anaheim, California on September 12-14 and start improving your business! P.S. You can test drive my ideas and systems absolutely free by signing up for Free Weekly Training which includes live weekly webinars, a monthly newsletter and priority invitations to free half-day training events. This Free Weekly Training will expose you to inexpensive and highly effective methods of lead generation (with no cold calling) — what I call “Reverse Prospecting, where qualified prospects actually hunt you down rather than the other way around. But I don’t stop at lead generation. I then show you how to follow these leads through closings via proprietary lead conversion and prospect presentation systems. My program is a complete system. I teach you everything you need to know to grow a profitable real estate business, including lead generation, follow-up, presentations, when and who to hire, technology and much more. The easiest way for you to find out with no risk or obligation what my system is all about and how it can help you profitably grow your real estate business and vastly improve your quality of life is to JOIN MY FREE WEEKLY TRAINING PROGRAM HERE.

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