Marketing: The Secret that My Platinum Millionaire Agents Have in Common

Mon, Jul 14, 2014

My Platinum Millionaire Agents have one critical skill in common. Yes, they are excellent at Message to Market Match for lead generation. They also have prompt follow-up and quickly convert their prospects to opportunities. Their leverage skills are sharp and they are absolutely fantastic at closing sales. But that’s not really what makes them exceptional. Millionaire Agents also have the ability to sell far more than the average agent. Over the years, they have developed tactics to change the outcome at every point of the buying and selling process - and the secret behind those tactical skills is superior marketing. At our Platinum Program OSA Workshops, I always begin by asking everyone in attendance one question: “What business are you in?” The reason I ask this is simple – the answer sets the stage for understanding how to sell more, and how to sell better. As an agent, you are in the MARKETING business, whether you like it or not. Nothing else. The better you are at understanding this, the more successful you can become. Marketing is the fulcrum that determines your level of success - the point around which everything else revolves. You may think you are in the selling business, and you’re partially right. But understand – marketing is selling, and selling is marketing. You can use marketing to earn prospects, to get listing and buying agreements signed, and to successfully negotiate offers. Marketing permeates everything a successful agent does, opening up plentiful opportunities for you to excel and build a thriving business. How can you use marketing more effectively? Here are a few techniques (simply the tip of the ice berg):
  • Write to one person. Write your materials to speak directly to one singular prospect. Use words like “you” and “your”, not “prospective buyers” and “their”. Make sure it also talks directly about your market, and ensure your message is supremely relevant to your audience.
  • Focus on benefits. Clearly share the benefits prospects will experience from working with you, rather than listing feature after feature. Instead of saying, “This home has 3 bedrooms, new appliances and hardwood floors”, say that it is “in a mature area on a quiet street with fireplace”. Your goal is to help your prospect connect on an emotional level.
  • Get personal. Give prospects compelling reasons to do business with you, instead of other agents. Instead of saying, “I care about my clients and you can trust me to do a great job”, you need to create what we call a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which answers this question: “Why should I do business with you over all other options, including doing nothing.” In Platinum, we show agents how to safely make highly compelling performance guarantees such as: “Your home sold in 120 days or I sell it for free”, or even “Your Home Sold in 120 Days or I Buy it”. When you understand how to structure this marketing guarantee, it will bring a flood of profitable business to your door.
  • Make it safe and easy. Give prospects a non-threatening way to do business with you. Share clear calls to action to move your prospect towards the next step in doing business, in a way that makes them feel comfortable. Instead of asking them to call you directly on your cell phone, send their inquiries to a recorded hotline or webpage where they’ll leave a trail you can follow up using my Universal Call Back Script. It’s a proven fact that your response rate will triple when you give prospects an easy, non-threatening way to get the information they’re looking for.


You can experience different results. But it’s up to you to take the first step and make it happen. Is this the time to move from just thinking about success to achieving it with an experienced real estate coach?

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