The Secret to Avoiding MHS (Market Hostage Syndrome)

Wed, Dec 4, 2013

I am always amazed at the number of agents who blame their (lack of) performance on the market. Certainly this was the last over the last few years with the market failure across the board, but even though we’re back to near normal, blaming market conditions is an age old excuse. It is very old news that the majority of agents believe they are hostages to whatever the market is doing and have no control over their own results.

This is B.S.

Even at the bottom of the last few years, there were still lots of folks who wanted to buy or sell real estate, and that’s true in spades now. The total number of properties selling each month is healthy and plentiful. The fact remains: there are still plenty of prospects to go around – actually more than you can get to.

Recent statistics reveal that, in most market places (and most market conditions), well over 50% of agents sell less than 2 homes a year. This adds up to enormous opportunities for Quantum Leap members. As a member of this system, you should understand that you have been given a great gift. We’ve given you the tools and systems necessary to take advantage of the vast amount of business out there – particularly buyer and seller motivations.

My suggestion is to take a step back for a moment and fully understand what you have. If you approach each day with a paradigm of more business than you can get to and not waiver from it, you will sell more houses. It will not matter what the actual market is doing. The up or down market does not mean there are not tons of people who want to buy or sell. There always are. And they are right there for you to grab.

So, no more negative energy spent on blaming whatever the market might be doing for your performance. This will keep you from doing the necessary things each day to grow your business. You have the answers and the tools within the Quantum Leap System. Use them, aggressively follow-up, offering prospects more than what they asked for, and they will line up asking for your help. You know this to be true.

Look around you. The agents who are aggressively using this system are rolling forward making more money than ever. Agents who started with less than you have and are now millionaires … because instead of giving themselves excuses, they helped themselves to the tools we put at their disposal. That is proof enough that you can too, as long as you don’t get caught in the “market hostage” web where you believe you are irrevocably tied to outside forces. Stop doing this and create your own market, because what you have is what buyers and sellers want.

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