It’s All a Matter of Perspective: How a Change in Yours Can Lead to More Sales

Tue, Jul 1, 2014

Human beings are self-centered by nature. It’s not a reflection of our characters and it doesn’t mean we’re awful people, but it is how we’re programmed. Back when the world was a more dangerous and unpredictable place, our self-centered ancestors knew what they needed, and put their needs above all else to survive. They then passed those genes down to us. But in our modern world, being self-centered actually hurts our chances at a successful real estate business. How can we overcome our natural, self-focused tendency? Let’s pretend I have a prospect who tells me he’s looking to buy a property. A natural, self-focused response would be to tell him about the beautiful 3-bedroom or the newly-renovated condo that I have available and plant the seeds to make a sale. Why do I say this approach is self-focused? I have answered my prospect’s obvious need, but haven’t gone any further than that. Instead, I should take a few minutes to chat with him to learn about his situation to learn his true needs and wants. Through that conversation, I might discover that yes, he does want to buy a house, but he also needs to sell his current house before he can buy something new. That fact changes everything! It turns out I don’t have a buyer at all; I have a looker who needs to sell before he can make another move. Understanding a client’s perspective can change your entire game plan on the spot. Top realtors will walk a mile in their prospect’s shoes to consider what they really need before they develop their plan. In order to walk that mile, however, you need to know exactly what questions to ask and how to ask them. No matter how pleasant a conversation you may have with a prospect, if you leave the conversation without knowing the two most important things about them that you need to know – i.e. their timing and motivation -- you’ll have wasted your time (and theirs). Over the course of literally hundreds of thousands of conversations with prospective buyers and sellers over the 20 years of my own real estate career, I developed what I call my Universal Call Back Script which anticipates EVERY prospect concern or objection, and enables me to determine what I need to know about my prospects’ true needs in three minutes or less, including establishing clear and actionable next steps with them. It is a UNIVERSAL script because it can be used for ANY call-back…to a prospect calling on one of your For Sale signs or responding to a property ad, requesting free information or a free report, calling by referral, etc. When you truly understand your prospects’ desires and challenges, you can build your strategy to address their needs. Start looking at your prospect’s’ needs in this new way and you’ll be one step ahead of your competition and on your way to a thriving business.


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