Marnie Bennett Wins "Daniel Passante Entrepreneurship Award"

Tue, Aug 19, 2014

Marnie Bennett, a Broker of Bennett Property Shop Realty, Ottawa, Ontario, and one of our Titanium members, was awarded the prestigious “Daniel Passante Entrepreneurship Award” at our Toronto SuperConference this past weekend. ABOUT THE WINNER [caption id="attachment_664" align="alignright" width="384"] Marnie Bennett is pictured here receiving the Daniel Passante Entrepreneurship Award on Aug 16/14 at the Toronto Hilton. From left: Todd Walters (Craig Proctor Productions, Platinum Coach), Marnie Bennett, Craig Proctor, Rick Brash (Craig Proctor Productions Coach)[/caption] An admitted workaholic, Bennett was #1 for Keller Williams International in 2010 (besting more than 80,000 other Keller Williams’ sales reps worldwide), before starting her own boutique agency in 2012; and has consistently ranked in the top one per cent of salespeople in North America for the last several years. She has a bachelor’s degree in law and economics, and even back in 1981, in her first year of real estate, she was one of the top agents in Canada. While Bennett’s drive took her far on her own, her real estate business more than doubled when she aligned herself with Craig Proctor Coaching. “I went to my very first Craig Proctor SuperConference in Los Angeles in May 2010,” said Bennett. “At that time, I was on target to be the #1 Agent for Keller Williams International - but if the truth be known, I was mainly using - but was far less than happy with - the “old school” real estate systems that just didn’t fill our brokerage’s unique needs. But I had done a lot of research into methods and systems that were being used by large and successful brokerages and discovered that the common denominator of the most successful agents in my market place was that they were all Craig Proctor students.” Over the last four years, by gradually implementing and integrating Proctor’s Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System with some of her brokerage’s existing systems, and ultimately after joining Proctor’s elite Titanium Coaching group, Bennett rapidly grew her business doubling her sales after opening her own boutique brokerage in a beautiful heritage office building in downtown Ottawa. “We now have 40 people on our team; and in one of the toughest markets that I have ever experienced, we have grown our resale numbers by 58% over last year,” said Bennett. “If Marnie doesn’t inspire you,” said Proctor, “you’re tough to impress. We selected Marnie as the recipient of the Daniel Passante Entrepreneurship Award from among the brightest and best real estate agents from across North America because she exemplified the same huge energy, intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, and dogged perseverance of the superb agent after whom the award was named.” “I was completely taken by surprise and am thrilled and honoured to receive such a prestigious award and for being recognised for all my hard work and dedication.  For the last 33 years, my goal has always been to offer the highest quality professional real estate services and to build the best real estate brokerage which provides my clients with what we call “5-Star Service” and I appreciate receiving this award as it shows that my colleagues recognize how successful we have been in taking care of our clients’ needs,” said a grateful Marnie Bennett. [caption id="attachment_57" align="alignright" width="208"] Daniel Passante[/caption] ABOUT THE AWARD The Daniel Passante Entrepreneurship Award was created in May 2012 in memory of an exceptional business leader and an inspiring Craig Proctor coach, Daniel Passante, who tragically passed away on March 25, 2012.  The award is presented annually to the most innovative, inspiring, and successful team leader. Past winners include Realtors Len Wong in 2012 and Rick Brash in 2013. ABOUT THE BENNETT PROPERTY SHOP REALTY, BROKERAGE The Bennett Property Shop Realty is a one-of-a-kind international boutique brokerage in Ottawa, Canada whose business philosophy is based on exceptional personal service, leadership and industry-leading and innovative policies and practices. Bennett is an award-winning marketer and has become one of Canada’s most highly-regarded Real Estate marketing and sales consultants and strategists because her company provides a full scope of integrated services that are customized to produce the highest possible degree of success for each client. With a team of 25 elite sales representatives who routinely go above and beyond the call of duty, the Bennett Professionals have built a steadfast reputation for excellence in the nation’s capital where their clientele includes Ottawa’s buyers and sellers, countless investors (including Ottawans buying outside of Ottawa and foreign nationals investing in Ottawa properties), as well as local and international developers. Turning this business into a one-stop-real-estate-shop has proven to be no small feat for the Bennett team, but a challenge which Marnie Bennett and her team enthusiastically take on.   With over 9,000 sales, and $3.1 billion in real estate sales, the Bennett Property Shop hands down is the number one choice among discriminating home sellers and buyers and real estate developers. MORE ABOUT MARNIE BENNETT Marnie Bennett is one of the capital’s most prominent businesswomen, entrepreneurs and media personalities. Marnie’s personal life experiences have given her the ability to address women with insight, empathy and compassion, along with her trademark frankness. From the beginning of her real estate career, Marnie’s sales numbers were among the highest in Canada – which confirmed that this was the right fit for her particular gifts. Recognizing that there was an ignored but critically-important niche to fill in the Ottawa housing market, Marnie began her own boutique marketing and realty firm in 1994 – a company that rapidly became a “one-stop shop” for numerous local real estate developers, builders, property managers and investors. Her passion for encouraging women has found expression as she coaches her team members to develop and expand their talents, and as she mentors private clients to take control of their financial futures. But most rewardingly, she’s watched confidence levels steadily rise among clients who have taken part in her “Women on Wealth” (WOW) workshops, learning skills that help them to make the most of their hard-won earnings. On the media front, unhappy with the “boys’ club” attitude of the local real estate radio show, Marnie began the first of two radio shows.  In the first, Marnie offers real-world, practical and inspiring information and advice that is easily understood to a broad range (by both age and financial savvy) to listeners from different walks of life. In the second show, Marnie interviewed various local entrepreneurs to elicit their secrets for success and to inspire other would-be entrepreneurs “to get their ideas in motion”. She’s also a frequent columnist in local newspapers and magazines, offering fresh, down-to-earth advice that often specifically addresses women home buyers at various stages of life. In 2008, Marnie was named Ottawa’s Businesswoman of the Year. In 2010 Marnie was named #1 Realtor Worldwide with Keller Williams Realty International distinguishing herself among 93,000 other sales representatives. In February 2012, Marnie and her family opened a boutique real estate brokerage in downtown Ottawa - just steps away from Parliament Hill – The Bennett Property Shop. The Bennett Property Shop is a unique real estate firm that provides their clients with “white glove 5-Star service” and meticulous attention to detail.

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