NEVER List a House Like THIS

Tue, Oct 15, 2019

As your prospects and clients continue to get smarter by virtue of all the information now available to them via the web about the homeselling process, sellers are becoming more in tune with their competitive environment. Sellers who really want to sell aren’t interested in “listing” their home. They want to sell it. Now obviously from a Realtor stand point, we know that we must list a home in order to sell it. So let’s take a look at this clash of paradigms.

We know that sellers who are trying the FSBO route will tell you, “I am not interested in listing my home – but if you have a buyer for it, bring em on…”. The implication is, “I will sell my house today, listing it is just that – a listing. I want it sold. The path to a sale is a buyer, not an agent”.

This is exactly the kind of seller I want to be in front of. The “sell now” seller; the one that sees agents who want to list their home as just that, listers.

Here’s why: I am not a “lister”. I am a marketer who sells houses; NOT an agent who lists homes and then markets them.

I have buyers calling me every day. I have a database full of buyers, many of whom will buy right now when they see the right house. All I need to do is tell that story to these motivated sellers. I am not interested in listing their home, I am interested in selling it and if I could get their authorization to present their home to my special database of buyers – I will sell it.

So there is the answer. Instead of talking “listing” (which is what most real estate agents do), talk “sale”. My listing presentation is a Seller Benefits presentation. My listing agreement is an “Exclusive Right to Sell Agreement” or “Sales Authorization Agreement”. I am not “listing” the property, I am selling it.

The results are exactly what the seller wants: buyers for his/her home. I have effectively created the perception that I am not the listing agent – I am the agent who has the buyers and the one who will sell their home.

 Remember who you are and what you have. You are a real estate professional who has a unique system (The Craig Proctor Real Estate Success System) -- one that generates a steady stream of buyers, a Buyer Profiling system allowing you instant access to ready, willing and able buyers and to consumer programs that allow buyers easy access and incentives to buy. Any sort of story about a “listing” is the wrong story to be telling. Talk about “selling” instead.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of attending my 3-Day SuperConference. It is at my SuperConference that the most successful agents in the country are born because they gain the knowledge and the will to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Why not decide to be one of them. Why them and not you? If not now, when? Register now at

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