Why You Need a Coach

Mon, Oct 7, 2019

These days, you can get a coach for just about anything. There are health coaches, life balance coaches, parenting coaches, relationship coaches, career coaches, personal growth coaches, spiritual coaches, creativity coaches, leadership coaches, vacation coaches . . . you name it, and there’s probably a coach out there ready to claim expertise (and your money!) Did you know that you can even hire a coach to help you play online poker or be a mystery shopper?

I don’t know about you, but on the surface this all seems a bit ridiculous. A shopping coach? Really? The problem with any industry that gets as watered down as coaching is that it becomes more and more difficult to separate the true professionals from the imposters and charlatans. And the specific problem with our industry is that there are a lot of failed agents running around the country (and social media) who have jumped on the coaching bandwagon, taking advantage of the fear and desperation they’re running from themselves and feeding on the carcasses of their colleagues in order to save themselves. The vast majority of these coaches have never actually sold a single home; never been in front of a real buyer or seller—or, if they did sell real estate, they did so poorly and for not very long. What could they really have to teach you? This is just wrong.

But coaching itself is NOT wrong. Being coached by someone who really understands what it takes to achieve success is a life-changing experience.

Agents who join my coaching system do so for different reasons. Some are so sick and tired or banging their head against the wall that they feel they have no choice but to find a better way. Some are already making great money but killing themselves to do it. Still others have their eye on the 7-Figure business they know I can help them achieve. You see, the average income for Craig Proctor System Members is Over $700k. Over 100 members earn OVER $1 Million in Annual GCI. MANY earn annual GCI of $2 Million. Some are even about to nreak $10 Million this year.

My Coaching Program gets agents results like these because we’re not generalists teaching motivational rah rah hype. This isn’t something I “heard about” or read in a book. Selling real estate is something I did myself, extremely successfully for over two decades. I have a system for every stage of your business and each system has been built by someone who’s generated more prospects, spoken to and converted more leads and closed more deals than probably everyone in your office combined—me. There is no doubt my system will transform your business. We know this beyond a shadow of a doubt because we see the results in our members every day.

We’re all familiar with the concept of  coaching” as it applies to the world of sports. Without exception, behind every Olympic or National sports star, is an invisible coach who relentlessly framed this superstar for success; someone who took the raw potential and talent, and channeled it into the winning edge. A coach marries focus with accountability and discipline with insight to bring out the greatness in you. A coach allows you to effortlessly push past your limits by conceiving the “big picture” and taking you there step by step by step. One day you look up...and you’re there.

Again, we’re not talking about a “motivational” coach. Any of the really successful superstars already has a heart stopping motivation for their dream. What I’m talking about is a coach who knows the game because they’ve played the game. They know how to win at this game specifically because they’ve done it themselves.

What is your dream? To make a lot of money selling real estate without giving up your personal life to accomplish this? To have both lots of money AND lots of free time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Well, that was my dream, and I’m living proof that this is completely possible. Hundreds of thousands of agents who get into real estate probably started with this very same dream. Many of them probably have the ability and talent, but lack the direction. Most importantly, they lack the discipline to seek out and be accountable to someone else who can pull them through the eye of the needle and show them the other side.

I can show you how to win because I’ve already successfully completed this journey. My very public and well documented track record will prove to you that I know exactly what I’m doing, and the phenomenal success of the agents who have been through my intensive coaching program makes it clear that I know how to translate this success to others. If you are motivated and willing to learn; if you’re ready to work hard to make your life much easier and much more rewarding... I know I can help you.

I cannot overemphasize the importance of attending my 3-Day SuperConference. It is at my SuperConference that the most successful agents in the country are born because they gain the knowledge and the will to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Why not decide to be one of them. Why them and not you? If not now, when? Register now at www.TheProctorRealEstateSystem.com

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