How Sam Quadrupled Sales, and Learned to Love His Job Again

Sat, Nov 15, 2014

Let me tell you about one of my students named Sam. When we first met, Sam was an agent in Lakewood, Colorado, who was working 70-80 hours each week and was lucky if he closed 20-30 deals per year. He had a short-lived stroke of good luck with REO business, but that eventually dried up and he was back to square one – cold prospecting and putting in hours upon hours of work, with barely anything to show for it. He was burned out, frustrated, and considering getting out of the business for good. Does that sound familiar?

If it does, let me tell you how Sam turned it all around to quadruple his business and love his career in the process. In March of 2011, Sam decided to sign up for a Keller Williams Family Reunion hoping to give his career the jump start it needed. He dragged himself through three days of breakout session after breakout session, all focusing on “how to sell more houses.” None of it resonated with him and everything sounded like the same old Real Estate 101 mumbo jumbo he’d been hearing since he got into the business.

Even though Sam was completely exhausted and discouraged, he decided to push himself to go to the very last breakout session of the conference. And that just so happened to be the session where I was speaking about the Quantum Leap system.

Sam says: “What Craig shared in that short meeting was the most sensible thing I had heard all week. It was completely logical and made far more sense than anything else presented and, without hesitation, I signed up for the SuperConference in Orlando in May 2011.”

Sam soaked up every lesson of the SuperConference, and especially enjoyed meeting all the successful, inspiring agents who truly loved their careers. He was ready to step up and make a change, and two months later, he joined my Platinum group.

Let’s fast forward a bit. Two years later, in 2013, Sam sold 80 homes with one assistant and one OSA…about four times what he was selling before joining the Platinum group! Today he generates 400 leads and closes 8-10 deals a month along with his six OSAs, three staff members, and one ISA. He is currently in the process of hiring 10 more OSAs by the end of 2014 so he can double his production for 2015.

But more importantly than sales, Sam’s success allows him to enjoy his job and have plenty of time for himself. He loves that he is personally only selling 2 deals per month. He spends his days working on his business, not in his business, which is a recipe for satisfaction. His plan for 2015 doesn’t require him to sell any houses personally….yet he’ll still net over $500,000. He’s working less and already has four week-long vacations with his wife planned for next year. Because of the strong foundation and systems of his business, Sam can step away and know things will stay afloat.

If you’re feeling stuck in your job like Sam was, there are ways to learn to love your career again. Strong systems and start strategies are the key to enjoying your job, and your life, and I would love to share those secrets with you!


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