How a Free Half-Day Seminar Changed Two Agents’ Lives

Fri, Oct 17, 2014

Although I am very satisfied with my career right now, I remember what it felt like to want more. More time. More money. More success. But I also remember feeling completely lost over how to achieve those goals. Many of my students share that they’ve felt the same way too. Maybe you can relate? Today, I’m going to tell you how two of my students went from feeling frustrated and failing, to satisfied and successful.

Where It All Started

Francois Mackay and George Lorimer were two agents who just felt stuck. They were working hard, putting in the hours, and doing exactly what we’re taught to do in Real Estate 101 -- cold calling, putting out image ads, and pounding the pavement looking for leads. But despite all their hard work, they weren’t making enough money and definitely weren’t enjoying their quality of life.

But they also had a gut feeling they could make it.

They both knew that they had what it took to be wildly successful, if they had someone to show them a better way. So they started researching the top agents in their areas and discovered one thing they all had in common: they had studied under me.

Enter: The Craig Proctor Half-Day Seminar

For George and Francois, a half-day seminar was the perfect first step to get their feet wet with my teachings. Understandably, they were a bit skeptical at first, but they both attended their seminars completely open to the experience. They took in every word I said, they developed an action plan, and they left feeling confident that my system would work for them.

Putting the plan into practice is the easy part, because what I teach isn’t rocket science . . .  far from it actually. I’ve boiled down what works into the simplest, most direct elements, so that the tactics are easy to apply -- I prefer simple to complex any day, don’t you?

rancois and George said the light bulb went off when I started talking about the theory behind my techniques. Because I kept things clear and simple, they felt completely empowered and that they could make my system work for their businesses.

Where They Are Now?

Well, all I can say is they certainly did make it work for their businesses. Francois’s production rose from 150 in 2007 to 408 last year. George went from closing 29 homes in 2009 to 70 homes in 2013, and his volume was approximately $30 million last year. Both men have experienced growth every single year since they started implementing my system after the seminar.

And they’re not stopping anytime soon. George says, “Using Craig's System, I generated 441 leads last month. I have a system where I am able to add more transactions without going crazy. I think I could add 25% onto my production with working the leads we already have more effectively.” Francois notes the phrase “you become who you associate with,” and says that the elite six- and seven-figure agents he met at my conference inspire him to raise the bar to keep growing.

Yet despite their growth in their careers, George and Francois are enjoying life more too. They’re not putting in the 80-hour weeks that they did in the past. “Funny thing is that I don’t work nearly as hard now as I used to,” Francois says. Success means nothing if you don’t have a life to enjoy, so this feedback makes me just as proud as their financial success does.

Francois and George’s thriving businesses and fulfilling personal lives are all a result of taking that first step with a half-day conference.

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