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What Makes SuperConferences So Super? Two Case Studies

Posted on Wed, Sep 17, 2014 6:01 AM by Craig L Proctor

The Craig Proctor SuperConferences were created to be the jump-start you need to take your real estate business from putting along to soaring. When you stop working in your business and start working on your business, you will reach levels you never even dreamed possible. My SuperConference distills my years of intensive study from marketing experts and success as a real estate agent into this powerful three-day experience to give you the exact formulas, techniques, and systems to use to take your career to new heights. But don’t take my word for it. I want to share the stories of two SuperConference attendees on how my teaching changed their careers. Note: Although Marnie and Rudy have both worked diligently to earn their success, I want to stress that they did so by following the systems that anyone can leverage. I don’t have any top-secret training and I certainly don’t have a genius IQ – and yet I consistently earned $3 to 4 million in commissions each year using the systems that brought Marnie and Rudy their success. If we can do it, so can you!

Marnie Bennett
Before attending her first SuperConference, Marnie was achieving a high level of success – she was actually the #1 agent for Keller Williams. However, this was the result of long days at the office and sleepless nights stressing about her workload. She had previously attended both Keller Williams and other agency coaching, but still had no systems, no direction, and no lead generation strategies in place. Her GCI was just over $3.2 million. After attending the SuperConference with her daughter, Marnie committed to applying the systems and techniques into her own business. Fast forward to today, four years later: Marnie founded her own boutique brokerage that now has a team of 40 people, owns a beautiful heritage office building downtown, grew her resale numbers by 58% in one of the toughest markets, and more than doubled her GCI to $6.6 million. She is proud to share and grow her business with her children, knowing she will leave them a successful legacy. (Incidentally, Marnie was the recent recipient of two of our highest honor, the Daniel Passante Entrepreneur Award in August 2014, and the Titanium Top Dog Award at our September 12-14/14 SuperConference in Anaheim).

Rudy Kusuma 
Similar to Marnie, Rudy began his journey as what many would call a “successful” real estate agent. He had $250,000 annual GCI … but to earn that, he was working seven days a week, had no time for his wife or kids, and was at an unhealthy weight due to eating fast food daily at work and having no time to exercise. His hard work might have been paying the bills, but it didn’t translate into the kind of life he yearned for. After implementing my systems and working smarter not harder, Rudy is able to enjoy a full day off every Sunday with his family. His wife was able to leave her job and join his business as his partner. Last year, Rudy brought in over $1 Million in GCI, was named a RE/MAX top 100 team leader, and as of June 2014, his office is #5 in California. In addition, he is putting his health at the forefront because he now has time to prepare healthy food and exercise regularly. These two people seemed every bit the success story on the outside, but they just knew there was more to life than scrambling to get every customer and being glued to their desks. If you’re tired of working yourself to the bone and want to balance a thriving business with a satisfying personal life, take a look at how our SuperConferences can help get you there.

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