What is Success?

Tue, Oct 7, 2014

How would you define a successful and enjoyable career in real estate? I would describe it this way: You have a steady stream of clients who automatically seek out your valuable services without you having to do any cold prospecting. You are viewed with respect by clients who value your advice. You are able to easily provide them superior service and results which leads them to refer you to others and give you their repeat business. You work a normal workweek (or less), take plenty of time off to pursue outside interests, and make a rewarding income. Can you describe your real estate career in this way? The trouble in this industry is that the “hours worked = compensation” equation has traditionally been an “either / or” situation. You either make a lot of money and have no life outside your job, or you do have a life outside real estate but don’t make enough money. There are also many, many agents who kill themselves with grueling 80+ hour weeks and barely make enough money to survive. The reason I’m so confident in sharing a solution to this paradox is because I’ve been where you are. And because I’ve been through it, it’s possible for me to understand, explain, and correct the problem. Yes it’s true that in my own 22 year real estate career, I consistently made $3-$4 Million in commissions every year for the last 15 years and had a rewarding personal life. But when I started, at the age of 25, I was just another young man who didn’t have a particularly clear picture of what I wanted to do with my life. I had dropped out of university. I got a job at the local hospital sweeping floors and taking out the garbage, a stint that earned me a whopping $30 a day.  On top of the insult of this measly wage, I realized that I was headed down a dead end road, and after a year, I quit this too. With no other obvious place to go, I followed my Dad into real estate and made the fatal mistake most new agents make: I copied the standard old school model. I cold called. I knocked on doors. I worked harder than anyone else in my office to hunt down business. I put in long days and longer weeks, and I started to experience quite a bit of success. Even though I was gaining clients and selling houses, I came across one unshakeable realization: I couldn’t work any harder than I was working. I had no more hours to give. It became clear that I couldn’t sustain the schedule or the rigor for long, so I knew I had to find a better way or I would burn out altogether. What’s the solution? I know from time to time you’ve probably felt the same way - that you’ve worked just as hard as I’ve described, and that you too seek a better way.  Well, with the Quantum Leap System I will share a much “better way” with you so you can learn from my mistakes.  What is that “better way”? In a word: systems. Instead of doing everything yourself, systems automate almost every phase of your business and do the work for you. And systems are the only way to make a living and have a life in today’s real estate market.

JOIN MY FREE WEEKLY TRAINING PROGRAM HERE Do you want to test drive my ideas and systems absolutely free? This free introduction to Craig Proctor Systems includes live weekly webinars and training videos, a free 30 minute business consultation, a monthly newsletter, and free tickets to half day training events around the country. If you were to purchase these tools separately, they would cost you $4,789, but you get them absolutely free, and with these free training tools, you will learn;
  • Reverse Prospecting – a highly effective lead generation system that gets qualified prospects to hunt you down rather than the other way around
  • More effective Lead Conversion
  • Prospect Presentation systems that will change the way you do business
JOIN US FOR REAL ESTATE'S BIGGEST EVENT: SUPERCONFERENCE When you’re ready to get serious about changing your business and improving your life, you’re ready for the Craig Proctor SuperConference. Our next SuperConference is November 14-15 in San Francisco, California. This SuperConference offers 2 full days of intense training, including 20 specific how-to sessions covering every aspect of real estate sales. You’ll also get direct Q&A access to Craig Proctor and his coaching staff, and have access to his specialized technology and Internet experts. SuperConference also provides plenty of networking events, so you can meet and learn from the most successful realtors in North America. ARE YOU READY FOR A COACH? The free weekly training and SuperConference will teach you the basics, but everyone knows you have to practice to get perfect, and Craig Proctor offers experienced real estate coaches who help you continually hone your skills, network with realtors who are successfully implementing the Craig Proctor System, and provide ongoing feedback and instruction. Is this the time to move from just thinking about success to achieving it with an experienced real estate coach?

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