From Struggling to Sales: George’s Story

Mon, Nov 24, 2014

Last year, George Lorimer went on vacations to Europe, Hawaii, and New York. After each trip, he felt excited to head back to his job as an agent, and walked into the office to find that sales had closed and he made some hefty commissions while he was on vacation. Probably sounds too good to be true, right? Well I’m happy to say it’s entirely true. George learned to love his job again after going through training with me and implementing the systems he learned. A few years ago, in 2009, George was struggling. He had gotten involved in real estate right out of college and was finding it tough to make a living on his own. In an effort to improve his business, George tried many different training programs and tried to apply their teachings, but none of them created any lasting results or measurable success.

There were tons of foreclosures and short sales in the market at the time and George was broke. He was at 29 transactions per year and felt almost out of options. He decided to give training one last shot and signed up for one of my SuperConference, which is when everything started to turn around. George loved the Quantum Leap system he learned at the SuperConference so much that he took the leap of faith and joined the coaching program right then and there. The fact that the comprehensive system covered everything – from lead generation to sorting through leads to following up to closing sales – really appealed to him. He was also excited at the possibility of taking the system and scaling it to grow with him and make even more profit down the road. George began to clearly understand when to brand and when not to brand to market effectively and encourage prospects to contact him. He used a combination of Google and Facebook ads, landing webpages with a hotlist of homes, CMA postcards, and his USP of “Your Home Sold in 29 Days or Pay No Commission” to stand out from the crowd. My training helped George recognize the subtle mistakes he was making in his business. Once he corrected those changes, he was able to get five or six leads in the same amount of time that he used to get one or two. That not only led to more clients, but more time to spend providing excellent service to those clients. And more money to enjoy terrific vacations! Last year, George closed 70 transactions. He has transformed from what he calls “a struggling and sometimes bitter agent” to “having fun, making more sales and having a profit.”  This is what it’s all about, and this is what is possible when you attend a SuperConference and implement the Quantum Leap System. We all deserve to love our careers as much as George does now!


JOIN MY FREE WEEKLY TRAINING PROGRAM HERE Do you want to test drive my ideas and systems absolutely free? This free introduction to Craig Proctor Systems includes live weekly webinars and training videos, a free 30 minute business consultation, a monthly newsletter, and free tickets to half day training events around the country. If you were to purchase these tools separately, they would cost you $4,789, but you get them absolutely free, and with these free training tools, you will learn;
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ARE YOU READY FOR A COACH? The free weekly training and SuperConference will teach you the basics, but everyone knows you have to practice to get perfect, and Craig Proctor offers experienced real estate coaches who help you continually hone your skills, network with realtors who are successfully implementing the Craig Proctor System, and provide ongoing feedback and instruction. Is this the time to move from just thinking about success to achieving it with an experienced real estate coach?

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