Free Up Your Time and Enjoy Your Job with Outsourcing

Thu, Nov 20, 2014

Imagine you’re in charge of hosting a party at your house tomorrow. You still need to purchase paper plates, clean your house, buy and prepare the food, and hang the decorations. With so much to do, what are the chances any of those areas are going to be fantastic? I’m not saying you couldn’t put together a decent party. I’m sure you could. But because you’re stretched so thin, you won’t have time to really focus on any one area to make it shine.

Now, imagine a friend offers to help you. They take the busy work (buying paper goods, purchasing groceries, and cleaning) off of your plate. This allows you to put your talents to better use and focus entirely on cooking delicious appetizers and designing beautiful decorations – the things that will really make the party great and set it apart. You’ll enjoy the process more and it will be a much better party as a result.

This exact same idea can be applied to your real estate career to help you love your job again. Outsourcing is the way to remove low-payoff tasks from your workload so you can focus on the activities that a) are more satisfying on a personal level, and b) bring in higher profits.

First Things First

Years ago, I hit a point in my career where I needed to make more money but physically couldn’t put in any more hours. I realized that I simply had to change my paradigm to break through the glass ceiling. There was no more room to grow the way I was doing things, and I had to be open to new ideas if I ever wanted to love my job. The same is true for you now, so make sure you continue reading with an open mind!

Why the Traditional Mentality Makes You Hate Your Job

You see, the traditional, old school mentality has drummed it into our psyche that we MUST be available at ALL times to answer ALL client inquiries. The insinuation is that if we want the privilege of doing business with prospects, we must show them how eager, ever-willing, and devoted we are. We must earn their respect by giving them our undivided attention whenever they demand it. Sounds a lot like slavery to me! And the ironic part about it is that, in striving to give this so-called undivided attention, we become, by definition, completely divided. Not to mention burned out and disenchanted with our jobs. If this is the way you field your prospect’s calls, you probably spend a major portion of your day engaged in telephone tag, speaking with irate prospects who complain that you aren’t accessible enough. And a frustrated prospect is very unlikely to turn into a client.

The Better Way

The solution to this ineffective paradigm is to outsource the “glorified secretary” job you’ve been working. An automated hotline system will free up hours of your time each week to focus on the activities that you actually enjoy. I recommend using a service provider, a company who will rent you voice mailboxes and maintain them for you. Trust me, I’ve tested out a lot of different systems and this truly is the best solution! The company I used, AMS (Automated Marketing Solutions) offer many important benefits worthy of you checking out. (Of course you will also provide your prospects the ability to get info from your website – that goes without saying – but it’s important to discuss an automated hotline, especially for your property ads.)

Why an Automated Hotline Works

A hotline will give structure to your life and eliminate constant interruptions. No more being chained to your cell phone every waking moment. A hotline automates what is essentially a receptionist’s function and eliminates the need for you to waste precious hours on mindless, repetitious activities.

A hotline also has the ability to screen out all the poorly qualified, unmotivated, skeptical time wasters who would never actually use your services. These people will simply hang up on their own if what you’re saying doesn’t interest them, and your dinner or meeting or child’s recital won’t ever be interrupted again. This helps you to avoid treating unqualified leads with equal importance, time, money, and effort as the leads that are likely to turn into paying clients.

Just like hosting a party is much more enjoyable with a little help, your job as an agent will be so much more satisfying with a system that eliminates the cat and mouse game you played with your leads. An automated hotline system is an affordable way to remove that burden from your job, and the ease of a hotline system will encourage 3x more leads to interact with you in the first place. More prospects AND more time to provide excellent service? That’s what I call a win-win.

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