Is Your Real Estate Business Lopsided?

Tue, Apr 9, 2013

“The more you chase the Holy Grail of short term performance, the less you get in long-term results.” -- Walter Cabot

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” -- W. Clement Stone

“For all her beauty . . . our moon hides a lumpy, unflattering secret: She’s lopsided. Her backside is much thicker than her front. And no one knows why. . . . Twenty-four hours after a probe safely entered orbit around the moon, its twin was poised to do the same on. The back-to-back arrivals would cap a roundabout journey spanning 3½ months and covering 2½ million miles. The Grail spacecraft — short for Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory — are on a hunt to learn what's inside the moon by meticulously mapping its lumpy gravity field from orbit.” [Washington Post] NASA’s Grail mission “may finally reveal a shocking truth: that early on, a smaller twin moon smushed into her [shattering] like a mega-avalanche” and creating a collision that “would have spread a wide hump of rock onto the back of the moon. There, the material cooled and hardened into a thick crust: the far-side lunar highlands. ‘This is one of those ideas that all sorts of people will try to prove wrong,’ said Maria Zuber, the MIT scientist heading up the new NASA moon mission. ‘But it’s extremely testable.’” As your Real Estate Coach, there are two ideas I want to explore here: the idea that there’s often an uneven surface to things in our lives that we work hard to ignore, and the notion of testability. Think back to the beginning of the year when you made all those resolutions. Things like: “this” year you’re going to achieve better balance in your life. “This” year you’re going to get control of your business. “This” year you’re going to really make things happen. And you will. As long as you approach the things that have been holding you back with honest scrutiny and embrace the remaining weeks ahead of you with an open mind and entrepreneurial spirit. If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that your real estate business is not only lopsided, but crushingly so. If you were to weigh the effort you put into your career against the rewards you take out of it, the former would far outweigh the latter. Divide your net profit in 2012 (GCI minus all your expenses) by the number of hours you worked during the year and ask yourself if that’s really all you’re worth. How much true free time did you have last year? How long was your typical work week? How many times were you able to truly walk away from your business and know that it was humming along profitably without you? A lot of agents tell themselves they’re doing okay, but “okay” should not be the measuring stick by which you live your life. Try this measuring stick instead: if you’re working more than 40 hours a week, if you’re working weekends, if you’re netting less than $300k per year … your business is lopsided and you should take the balance of this year to do something about it. Send out your own lunar probes to ruthlessly scrutinize the inside of your business to figure out exactly what’s wrong and what you’re going to do about it.

Ruthlessly scrutinize the inside of your business…

Now to the second notion of “testability” … when you really embrace my system you’ll find that every single thing I teach you, and every facet of my system, is built on a platform that is tested and trackable. Every single ad, script and presentation has been tested in real marketplaces across the country. Attend one of my free event in the next few weeks, apply and test the valuable learning I’ll give you, and measure your results against your performance in 2012 – you’ll find it’s no contest. P.S. You can test drive my ideas and systems absolutely free by signing up for Free Weekly Training which includes live weekly webinars, a monthly newsletter and priority invitations to free half day training events. This Free Weekly training will expose you to inexpensive and highly effective methods of lead generation (with no cold calling) -- what I call “Reverse Prospecting”, where qualified prospects actually hunt you down rather than the other way around, and then how to follow these leads through to maximum GCI via proprietary lead conversion and prospect presentation systems. This is the easiest way for you to find out with no risk or obligation what my system is all about and how it can help you profitably grow your real estate business and vastly improve your quality of life. JOIN MY FREE WEEKLY TRAINING PROGRAM HERE  

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