Some Insider Trading Tips from a Real Estate Coach

Wed, Mar 20, 2013

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.”  Jack Welch

in·sid·er trad·ing: the practice of trading to one’s own advantage through having access to confidential information

 Remember when one of Warren Buffett’s top executives resigned amidst a swirl of insider trading controversy? Former MidAmerican CEO David Sokol bought $10 million worth of Lubrizol before he suggested a Berkshire-Hathaway buyout of the company to Buffett. Lubrizol stock jumped nearly 30% on the news that Berkshire would acquire the company. Sokol made nearly $3 million on the deal and recent investigation suggests he knew more about Lubrizol’s interest in a potential deal with Berkshire Hathaway than previously disclosed — a revelation that comes as the government examines Mr. Sokol’s personal stake in the chemical manufacturer. [The New York Times – Apr 12/11] What if you could get access to some really valuable insider information that you could freely use to line your pockets with millions of dollars … and it would be perfectly legal? In fact, what if by taking advantage of this information, and becoming rich in the process, your friends, family and work associates would actually applaud your achievements and lavish you with the highest praise for your intelligence in taking advantage of the information to change your life? It is not an exaggeration to say that the in-depth information I share with agents at my SuperConferences gives them an unfair competitive advantage in their marketplaces. All you have to do benefit in the same way is decide that you want a piece of this for yourself.

Give yourself a competitive edge

If you haven’t yet attended one of my SuperConferences, I want you to ask yourself why you’re not willing and serious enough to give yourself this competitive edge? Is it because you don’t believe it will really make a difference? I can prove you wrong on that. All you have to do is access the abundant personal accounts from agents who have attended past SuperConferences to know that there is nothing mythical about the dramatic life-shift that results when you attend. Maybe it’s because you hate to travel. Maybe it’s because you think you’re not ready. Maybe it’s because you don’t think you can afford to go. Or maybe it’s because you’re one of those agents who is hiding behind current market conditions as an excuse for not doing better. (Newsflash … it’s tough to keep hiding behind that excuse given the recent recovery). If you’re that kind of agent, it’s a good thing you don’t attend because the agents who really benefit from this 3 days of intense insider information are those who are sick to death of being held hostage by excuses, frustrated that they aren’t having the success they know they deserve and determined to change their outcome. Assuming that YOU aren’t one of those who are secretly happy to have excuses for failure, whatever your personal reasons for not attending past SuperConferences, I want to offer you some simple alternatives that will help you hurdle whatever excuses you are feeding yourself so that you too can benefit from the insider training that will get you from where you are to where you dream of being. P.S. You can test drive my ideas and systems absolutely free by signing up for Free Weekly Training which includes live weekly webinars, a monthly newsletter and priority invitations to free half day training events. This Free Weekly training will expose you to inexpensive and highly effective methods of lead generation (with no cold calling) -- what I call “Reverse Prospecting”, where qualified prospects actually hunt you down rather than the other way around, and then how to follow these leads through to maximum GCI via proprietary lead conversion and prospect presentation systems. This is the easiest way for you to find out with no risk or obligation what my system is all about and how it can help you profitably grow your real estate business and vastly improve your quality of life. JOIN MY FREE WEEKLY TRAINING PROGRAM HERE    

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