In Memory of Daniel Passante (1964-2012)

Thu, Mar 29, 2012

It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the sudden death of a member of our Craig Proctor Coaching family. Daniel Passante, our friend, colleague and top Coach, died of heart failure while driving with his nine year old son Julian on Sunday evening, March 25. Julian bravely steered the car off the road, called 911 and administered CPR until the paramedics showed up. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Daniel’s family and friends. Catherine and I were very fortunate to have known Daniel for many years, first, as a fellow top producing real estate agent in the Toronto marketplace; then as a Coaching client and finally as one of our Craig Proctor Coaching Team. Daniel was one of our very first Quantum Leap Award winners, pictured here receiving his award in June 2006. Daniel will be remembered with love and respect and will be sorely missed as both our friend, and as one of our finest coaches. Daniel had a wonderful attitude towards life and was always so much fun to spend time with. He built a thriving Real Estate business and was liked and respected by everyone who knew him. As a coach for my company Daniel was outstanding. He changed the lives of those he worked with. Our coaches who will now work with the agents Daniel coached for the remainder of their coaching year have volunteered to donate their commissions to a fund for Daniel's son Julian. Catherine and I will be adding to that fund. You'll find many thoughts about Daniel in our upcoming April issue of Mastermind as he had such a positive impact on those around him. You'll see below that Rosangela and Tim Johnson are putting a book together for Julian that you can contribute to (see below). Here’s a web link for the memorial page his family put together: Such a tragedy is a reminder that life is short. May we all live long enough to make the incredibly positive impact Daniel did in his short time here. He will be sadly missed. ----Original Message from Tim and Rosangela Johnson---- Subject: Daniel Passante’s Life Lessons for Julian I am sure all of you heard of the tragic passing of our friend Daniel Passante. Tim and I had the pleasure of knowing Daniel throughout the years that we have been part of the Craig Proctor Program. He was an amazing person, always had a big smile on his face. Eager to help other members whenever he had the opportunity to do so, and also a super-smart businessman. I don’t know if you know that Daniel had a son, Julian, who we also had the pleasure of getting to know when we were in Montreal for a Platinum Summit. Well, Julian was Daniel’s passion! Their father-son relationship was amazing. Daniel was teaching Julian how to be a great businessman just like him. To those of us who had the honor of knowing him know that Daniel was crazy about Julian. I think it would be fair to say that all of us in this program were a big part of his life. Daniel loved the Craig Proctor System and was even a coach, and a really great one too. So, on behalf our this group and with Craig Proctors blessing, I would like to compile a book of testimonials, or you can call it “Daniel’s Life Lessons” for his son Julian. I know that Julian adored his dad, and doesn’t need reminders of him for his future, but I think it would be good for him as he grows up, to come back to this and be reminded of how awesome Daniel Passante was to people that knew him so well. And continue to learn some things from his dad. You can email me testimonials, photos or even mail letters that I can scan to: Whatever is easiest. I will compile the book and send to Julian. Thank you all, God bless. -- Rosangela Johnson  

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