How to Get FSBOs Chasing You

Wed, Dec 14, 2011

While FSBOs and Expireds represent highly qualified prospects, there are several reasons these sellers elude so many agents.

First, by definition, each of these prospects comes with some predisposed negativity towards real estate agents (the FSBO as s/he has consciously decided to exclude an agent from his/her desired transaction, and the Expired because s/he has just been through a failed experience with an agent.)

Secondly, because every agent in town also knows that these prospects represent serious sellers, you're up against huge competition for their business.

Homesellers know that as soon as they put up that FSBO sign, their phone will start ringing off the hook … and it won’t be potential buyers calling them but instead a pack of agents hungry to convert them to a listing. I targeted FSBOs and Expireds in an ENTIRELY different way than most agents do.

By implementing the simple and inexpensive campaign I developed, instead of lining up with every other agent in town, I was able to get these qualified prospects not only favorably disposed to working with me, but also programmed to call ME as soon as they were ready to make a move.

I'm conducting a free training webinar on my FSBO program

How did I do this? Well, to begin with, I developed a report outlining 10 important tips to help people who want to sell their home without the help of an agent and I offered this free report via simple ads in my local paper.

When a FSBO called me off this ad, instead of trying to bully them, I offered to help them achieve their dream. Specifically, I called them back and told them that I'd sent out the report they requested which had some important information to help them. Furthermore, I told them about a unique program I had that would give them a professional sign for their lawn which would direct inquiries on their home to a message mailbox. This mailbox was on my 800# system, but I gave them free and private use of this number.

None of this cost the FSBO a penny or obligated them to anything. All I asked in return was that if they decided at some point that they did want to use the services of an agent, that they interview me as one of the candidates. The fact is that many sellers think about selling their home themselves, and while some follow through, most don't.

However, my ad attracts all of these prospects (both the doers AND the thinkers.) These prospects were not legally obliged to interview me if they decided to hire an agent, but most of them did because of the principle of reciprocity (Craig helped me so I'll help Craig.) By the time they'd decided to pack it in, they were not only favourably disposed to using me, but they also had a high degree of respect for the value of my services.

There really is no downside. Even if they did sell on their own, I now had a cash buyer to work with. Your broker or real estate board may try to argue that this ad undermines the value of real estate agents.

As you can see, however, the process of running this campaign does exactly the opposite. Rather than pestering FSBO's the way most agents do and negatively affecting their perception of real estate agents in general, this ad promotes a highly positive, professional image which reflects well on real estate agents in general.

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