Mike Burge Leaps Business from Zero to $1 Million GCI in Three and a Half Years

By: Mike Burge

"I got my real estate license in the summer of 2012 and did some rentals but had no real idea of how to dive in. I finally got my first sale in October of 2012 and made the wise decision to invest my first commission check to fly to LA to Craig Proctor's Super Conference in November of 2012 after my very first closing on October 25th. After that closing, I had no idea where my next one would come from. I had no referral base and no marketing. I signed up for the coaching VERY hesitantly because I was tight on money (a bit behind on bills and not much saved) but I knew I either had to commit or not do it … in between has never worked for me.

"I started working on my business right away using the techniques Craig taught me. The results were instantaneous. Very soon after my November launch that year, I had closed just over 1.1 million dollars of sales resulting in over $44,000 in GCI and had $902,000 in sales under contract due to close in the next 45 days for almost $27,000 more in GCI. That was it. There was no turning back for me. I would never have thought that making this quantum shift in my approach to sales would have resulted in such a dramatic jump in my income.

"I got involved in real estate in the first place because it was always something that had interested me, but I had absolutely no training. I was a tennis pro for many years and I knew that I needed to get a coach in order to take my business where I wanted to be. Everybody has a coach and I figured that I needed to go and get one, too, and that's when I found Craig and his system. My real estate career has been short. I've only started to sell homes in the last three and a half years and we have made quantum leaps every year with a minimum of at least 300% improvement each year. We expect to do a Million Dollars in GCI this year in only three and a half years of selling real estate.

"Here's a summary of what's happened to my business once I got involved with Craig's system:

As mentioned, I Invested my very first commission to attend Craig's SuperConference and ended up doing $3.3M in sales and $130k GCI in my first year

I tripled my volume in 2014 ($10.2M in volume; $300k GCI)

In the first two months of 2015, I sold 35 homes for $10M in volume, opened my own brokerage with my wife Cyndi, and am on pace to break $1Million GCI in just my third year in the business

"The only downfall with the program is learning to handle all of the leads and clients I have pouring in on a weekly basis! Craig's system is truly life-changing, and I'm loving the Kool-Aid!"