Francois Reveals the Simple Strategy that Caused Astounding Production Increase

By: Francois Mackay

When I first got my real Estate license, my goal was to become the #1 agent in my province. I studied the top agents in my province and I discovered commonality in their operation and marketing. I soon found out where they got their came from International Real Estate Coach, Craig Proctor.

As a RE/MAX agent, I certainly knew of Craig because he was #1 for RE/ MAX Worldwide twice in his career, and top 10 worldwide for 15 years. He was famous for how many homes he sold, over 500 a year.

In 2007, since my business plateaued, I decided to attend a SuperConference and join Craig's coaching program. Since then, my production has gone up every year, and last year we sold over 460 homes. Funny thing is that I don't work nearly as hard now as I used to.