In Our Wildest Dreams we Never Thought we Could be Where we Are in Real Estate

By: Dionne Irwin

"When we first started in Real Estate almost 5 years ago, we were of the distinct impression that the phone would just start ringing because friends and family knew we were in the business and the word would travel. We quickly learned this was NOT the case. One of the Top Producers in our office readily told us his success had come about because of Craig Proctor's Quantum Leap System. We were intrigued and decided to explore the program.

"The first SuperConference we attended was almost 5 years ago and at that time I had just become a Realtor and Dione didn't even have her license yet. We remember sitting at the Conference saying, 'We can do this!!'

"We wanted to do well from the very beginning so, right from the start, we embraced what Craig taught us. Frankly, everything changed once we did. 2011 was our first full year in real estate and we completed 65 transactions. The next year, 2012, we almost tripled that. 2013 was a big year for us. We got married in January, built and moved into a new house, took twice as many vacations as the year before and in January 2014 we had our first baby.

"We've simply done what we were told to do. We implemented awareness programs like the Guaranteed Sale, a team recruiting program, a referral program, and we have an incredibly predictable Lead Generation system stretched effectively across 5 distinct mediums. We have so much to be thankful for.

"We've gone from $250k GCI all the way up to $650k GCI after we expanded our team, and our GCI for 2014 was $1.87 Million. This has created freedom for our family. We're able to give to other people, put more money into marketing, take better care of our clients and become a really strong force in our city. In our wildest dreams, we never thought we could be where we are in our real estate careers and in our lives. If you're having any doubt, you need to push that aside and you need to just do it because you're going to reap the benefits and you're going to help people around you as well."