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Measurement Doesn’t Take Time, It Makes Time

Posted on Mon, Feb 9, 2015 2:25 PM by Craig L Proctor

One problem I see many agents make is that when time gets tight, they stop measuring their marketing results. When faced with the choice of talking to a new prospect or measuring their marketing, most choose talking to a new prospect. And while yes, the thought of connecting with a potential customer is extremely tempting…What if I told you that focusing on measurement was actually much more profitable?
Why Measurement Matters
When it comes to your ads and your marketing, the only vote that counts is the customer’s. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or clever or well-crafted you think your ad is, if it’s not bringing leads to your door and putting dollars in your bank account, it’s not a successful ad. That’s why having a direct response component to your ads is absolutely paramount. It allows you to objectively see how your customers are responding to your ad and your message.
Too many agents make the mistake of thinking they know best. I know you are talented and hardworking and intelligent, but even the best business minds in the world cannot always predict what their customers want to see. Measurement is the only way to know how your ads are performing, before you move on to the crucial next step of the process.
Results & Refining
Once you’ve gathered the results of your ads’ performance, it’s time to refine them. Look at the ads that are performing well and the ones that are not. What differences exist between the two? Study the wording, the placement, the positioning, the colors, and anything else that differentiates one from the other. This analysis will give you priceless insight into your customer’s mind and what he/she wants to see.
Use this wisdom to fine tune your marketing strategy going forward. Test out new ads that are similar to ones that performed well in the past, and cut ads that aren’t compelling your leads to act. You might be hesitant to drop an ad entirely, but look at it this way: if you had an employee who wasn’t bringing in any new customers or making any sales, you would have to cut them from your team, right? The same holds true for your ads.
Good Measurement Saves Time
By measuring the success of your marketing, you save so much time in the long run. Not only will you eliminate tasks like speaking with unqualified leads and creating ads that don’t bring in revenue, but the right measurement tools take only minutes to use.
The Quantum Leap System utilizes a fully computerized automated hotline system (and corresponding website system) which generates automatic test results in real time. I monitor these tracking reports every day, to immediately see what worked best and what didn’t work as well. Once I have that information, I’m able to quickly optimize the process, and regroup and revamp my ads as needed, to get them ready for the following day. It takes only minutes, but saves me hours, if not days, of work every month.
Proper measurement requires an investment of your time, but it’s an investment that saves you time and makes you money down the road. Without measuring, you’re not listening to your customer’s voice, which is the only thing that truly matters.
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