Congratulations to Our Anaheim Award Winners

Fri, Jun 14, 2013

At each SuperConference, deserving Quantum Leap members (or Teams) are recognized as achieving exceptional results with the Quantum Leap System within three categories of achievement: Quantum Leap Award - For most exceptional gains in Real Estate success achieved through aggressive and inspired implementation of the Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System Rookie of the Year Award - For showing the most dramatic gains within the first few months of using the Quantum Leap System Daniel Passante Entrepreneur of the Year Award - In Memory of our friend, exceptional business leader and inspiring coach Daniel Passante (who passed away on March 25, 2012), this award is given to the most innovative, inspiring, and successful team leader. We are proud to present the following five agents who were recipients of these awards at our June 6-8, 2013 SuperConference in Anaheim, CA.   [caption id="attachment_391" align="alignright" width="150"] Quantum Leap Award Winner Darren Young (Nanaimo, BC) pictured here with Craig (left) and Rick Brash (right)[/caption] Darren Young, Nanaimo, BC – Quantum Leap Award Darren has been a successful Realtor since 2009, generating around $100k/year. His problem, like many in this business, was a Big one. In order to sustain this revenue stream, he found himself working 7 days a week with little to NO free time. On top of that, he realized he had no business sustainability or reliable growth path. Darren attended his first SuperConference in 2011 seeking a better way and went home extremely excited about his future. He had the very clear realization that systems were the key to his success and he recognized that the Quantum Leap System represented the best real estate system in the business. From the very beginning, Darren worked hard to study the system so he’d have a solid understanding of how it worked and what skill set he required to be successful. The mistake he made at first was trying to do everything at once and consequently never fully implementing anything. He remembered something Craig said at the conference, that “you have to close the gap between what you know and what you are doing”, and he realized that he needed to fully embrace that advice. By the fall of 2012, the light bulb finally came on for Darren, and he saw that his success depended on him starting and systematically implementing what he’d learned ONE STEP AT A TIME. Fast forward to now. “It’s amazing how you can change your business in 6 months by simply getting out of the way and just copying Craig’s methods,” Darren said. “I now have lead generation systems in place that are repeatable and scalable, producing an abundance of leads. The conversion systems turn my steady stream of prospects into clients. No longer do I worry about where my business will come from. The best decision I made was to build my business by implementing Craig’s system.”   [caption id="attachment_392" align="alignright" width="150"] Quantum Leap Award Winner Mike Quail (Danvers, MA) pictured here with Craig (left) and Rick Brash (right)[/caption] Mike Quail, Danvers, MA – Quantum Leap Award Mike started learning about the Quantum Leap System though our Inner Circle program where his real estate coach Rick Brash shared a working foundation of the fundamentals of direct response. Once he grasped how our direct response marketing works, he began to easily generate leads. Ultimately, he doubled his revenue from 2011 to 2012 because of this. First, though, he had to confront another problem. Where before he had trouble generating leads, now he had so many that he was having trouble following up with them all. The solution, he discovered, was to learn our Universal Call Back Script. Aggressively going after this, Mike took advantage of the opportunity to role play with Rick on group coaching calls and eventually went beyond reciting these words to “owning” them. The language became second nature to him and, as promised, he began converting clients left and right. Ultimately, Mike decided to take advantage of one-on-one coaching to push him to the next level and embraced the listing and buyer presentations he had access to there. “These presentations are incredible,” Mike says, “allowing an extremely high conversion rate. Even though I’m only using 10-15% of what Craig and his team have to offer, my lead generation, conversion and revenues are way up.” With his business on a continual upward trend, Mike took the next step into our Platinum coaching program where he developed a business plan that will see his business revenue climb to $1 Million within a very short time.   [caption id="attachment_393" align="alignright" width="150"] Rookie of the Year Award Winner Philippe Doyon (Montreal, QC) pictured here with Craig (right) and Lester Cox (left)[/caption] Philippe Doyon, Montreal, QC – Rookie of the Year When Philippe started with the Quantum Leap system, he was an “average” agent in terms of his real estate board. Over the last three years, he’d found himself stuck at a plateau he couldn’t break through, unable to generate more business no matter what he tried. Philippe began by implementing only a few of the tools we offer, but results were encouraging. In his first few months, he ran some of our editorial ads which generated 230 with 208 of these prospects leaving messages. He can directly attribute 67% of his latest transactions to the systems he’s implemented, and this has given him both income consistency and far less uncertainty in his business. The key to Philippe’s very rapid success is consistency. He consistently runs editorial ads, driving his leads to his hotlines. He also runs USP ads and has initiated a direct mail program that is driving traffic to websites. More than the specifics, however, is the fact that Philippe has committed himself to learning. He’s on every single call available and has totally embraced the Craig Proctor system. He’s never missed a coaching call and is always prepared for each call, asking questions and sharing his experience. Finally, he feels like he’s actually building a real estate business instead of just having a job.   [caption id="attachment_394" align="alignright" width="150"] Rookie of the Year Award Winner Vic Markarian (Glendale, CA) pictured here with Craig (right) and Lester Cox (left)[/caption] Vic Markarian, Burbank, CA – Rookie of the Year Vic spent the first 22 years in real estate doing things the way most of us have been taught – i.e. copying what every other agent in his market was doing. He had no “plan” for his business and never knew where the next lead or deal was coming from. On such shaky ground, it’s understandable that he was always afraid to open his own office and actually have a business. Things have now changed dramatically for Vic who now owns his own business. “I have learned more in the last 6 months than I learned in 22 years of being in real estate,” Vic said. Where he never had a listing presentation previously, using our listing presentation system Vic now signs most sellers to full commission listing agreements. Where he’d never even heard of a buyer presentation, he now signs up most of the buyers he meets with to exclusive agreements. Now feeling confident when talking to buyers and sellers, he no longer cuts commissions to get business. Like Philippe, Vic has effected this huge change in such a short time through aggressive diligence and passionate consistency. He participates on every coaching call and never misses the opportunity to learn.   [caption id="attachment_390" align="alignright" width="150"] Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner Rick Brash (Calgary, AB) pictured with Craig[/caption] Rick Brash, Calgary, AB – Daniel Passante Entrepreneur of the Year Our inaugural winner of this award at our May 2012 SuperConference in Anaheim was Mr. Len Wong, so this is only the second time we have given out this prestigious award. This year’s recipient is well known to many of our members, and has been with us for 13 years. Rick’s story is one that many agents will find familiar. He started his real estate career in 1990 as a way to find more time for his family and make a lot of money. But the business chewed him up and spit him out within six years because the only thing he knew was cold call prospecting. At that time of his life, real estate bankrupt him both financially and emotionally. But Rick is no quitter, and after a few years, he tried again, vowing it wouldn’t beat him this time. Determined to succeed, he searched for a better way to do this business and found -- and embraced -- my Quantum Leap System. He’s never looked back. Not only has Rick gone on to build his own multi-million dollar business, but as one of our coaches he has also tirelessly devoted his time to training other agents. Unfailingly good-natured, eternally willing to lend a hand, he is passionate about this business and this system, dedicated to helping others transform their lives with this system the way he transformed his own. [caption id="attachment_57" align="alignright" width="150"] Daniel Passante[/caption] We were especially pleased to bestow this award on Rick given the close personal friendship he had with Daniel Passante before Daniel was taken from us.   Congratulations to all our winners!

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