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Apr 1 - 3, 2019 Toronto, ON

May 3 - 5, 2019 Anaheim, CA

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The Most Powerful Real Estate Training in the Country

Craig Proctor’s Ultimate Real Estate Success SuperConference is an intense and high- powered event where Craig lays out the components of the system that catapulted him to the top of this industry

From Coast to Coast, Agents are Earning More and Working Less with the Craig Proctor Millionaire Agent Maker Success System

Hear What These Industry Leaders Have to Say About Craig

Opening Session: The Old School Mentality vs. The Quantum Leap Real Estate System

I will open this SuperConference by carefully taking you through the BIG PICTURE of my personal System for this business - the one I used every day in my own business. You will begin to understand how my automatic and inexpensive systems for lead generation will seamlessly replace your current (inconsistent and highly labor intensive) methods, making your "problem" of finding business completely go away. >> Learn More

8 Success Formulas You Can Borrow From the Most Profitable Businesses In The World

I've narrowed the differences between the relative few who create giant incomes and rich lives from this business, versus the vast majority who struggle, to just EIGHT key Success Formulas. I'll reveal why most agents' ads fail by defying these 8 Formulas and explain the SECRET DIFFERENCE between what buyers really want vs. what agents think they want and try to sell - why 95% of what 95% of the agents advertise and say is wasted effort, falling on deaf ears and closed minds! >> Learn More

Verify for Yourself First-Hand How All This Works for Others (Not Just Me): Put Successful System Users and SuperConference Alumni on the "Hot Seat" (SuperStar Marketing Panel)

At this SuperConference, I'll introduce you to a cross-section of "star performers" from small and big cities, "hot" and "cold" markets, from all over the U.S. and Canada, men and women, young and old .... each with very specific examples of how they are using the strategies and tools given to you at this SuperConference .... what they spend, what they get .... nothing held back. >> Learn More

How to Actually "Reverse" the Prospecting Process, So Instead of Spending Your Life Chasing Prospects, They Will Search You Out, Desperate to Retain Your Services (The Automatic Reverse Prospecting System - Steps 1&2)

My Automatic Reverse Prospecting System not only eliminates any need for "grunt work-type prospecting", it brings a steady stream of good clients .... it brings sanity and stability .... it regulates and stabilizes income like insulin stabilizes blood sugar for diabetics .... it's THE CURE for "feast-or-famine". >> Learn More

How to Handle Your Newfound Flood of Leads With Minimum Time and Maximum Efficiency (Lead Conversion System - Steps 3&4)

As a result of this Session, you'll be able to systematically and automatically convert your much-increased, steady stream of prospects into contracts and clients, with less time, less effort, NO "hard selling....and safeguard your prospects from "poaching" by competitors. >> Learn More

Convert Prospects to Clients 90% of the Time with No "Manipulation", "Hard Selling" or "Closing" Required (Craig's Ultimate Listing Presentation & VIP Buyer Presentation)

Pushy, traditional selling doesn't even vaguely resemble the positive, trusted advisor-type discussions I have with my prospects .... where 90% sign on the dotted line with NO "close" by me, no matter how many other agents they've talked to. I'll show you exactly how you can create this unusual selling environment and get these amazing, refreshing results. >> Learn More

Identify Your Strengths

Personality testing is an invaluable tool not only to help you engineer success in your face-to-face meetings with buyers and sellers, but also in the hiring process if you decide to build a real estate team (or even just hire a single assistant). This session will make you a personality profiling wizard, able to significantly plus all your interactions in this business. >> Learn More

Interactive Small Group Sessions: Craig's Top Coaching Members from Across the Country Share Their Success Secrets

Your opportunity to get face-to-face with agents from across the country who are actually using the systems you're learning about. This session takes your learning far beyond "theory" and "possibility" to the big and small marketplaces across the country where these ideas have been trench-tested and PROVEN solid. >> Learn More

Developing Your Real Estate Business

There are really only three ways to grow your real estate business. You can increase your number of customers, increase the profit you earn on each transaction, or increase the residual value of each customer . . . or you can (and should) do all three. >> Learn More

How to Cut at Least 20 Hours off Your Work Week By Properly Utilizing Just One of My "Power Tools" (Automated Hotlines

This is a very specific, practical 1-2-3, A-B-C, how-to-do-it Session. It has to do with "hotlines" - special "recorded messages" that work like robots, to do all the work of sifting, sorting and qualifying prospects for you (while you play golf, help your kids with their schoolwork, go get a massage.) (Do NOT make the mistake of thinking this is "old" technology. Successful members make millions on this simple and essential technology. >> Learn More

Message to Market Match: How to Access and Leverage Exclusive, Real Time Profile Data on the Buyers and Sellers in Your Marketplace

To be effective and profitable, it is critical to do some research to make sure there is demand for that prospect's home or adequate supply for the buyer you are targeting. In other words, you must market what buyers and sellers in your marketplace most WANT (vs. simply flogging what you HAVE). This is a key marketing secret and strategy of our most successful members: message to market match. Find out how you can access exactly the same pool as they do. >> Learn More

How to Recruit, Hire, Train, Manage & Motivate the Right Assistant(s) to Cut Your Work Hours and Increase Your Net Income (The T.E.A.M. System)

By now, you'll have a complete understanding of exactly how to multiply your leads affordably, and how to convert more leads into contracts with greater ease than ever before ... plus the most effective ways to sell the maximum number of your own listings without splitting commissions. You'll be "primed" to go home and rapidly increase your business. But soon, that'll mean you'll want to take on an assistant - but to do it in a way that not only reduces your work hours, but INCREASES (not shares) your net income. >> Learn More

Craig's internet Secret: How to Make $1.5 MILLION in Commissions Each and Every Year Using the Internet

In this Session, you'll hear from my own Internet-wizard. The man who developed and manages my web site. He will explain to you, in plain English, exactly what you can and should do (and not waste a penny doing) with the Internet to: generate listings, satisfy sellers, generate and service buyers, sell your own listings, grow your business, and compete effectively .... even if you hate computers and never go "on line" yourself! >> Learn More

The Rainmaker Theory: How to Transform Your Real Estate Career From a "Job" You Work at, To a "Business" that Works for You (Working ON Your Business, Not Just IN it)

There is a big difference between "being an agent" and "having a Real Estate Business". In this Session, I explain that all-important distinction, then show you the three ways you can leverage yourself and grow your business - how to increase your commissions by up to 100% without working any harder or spending any more money .... just by making these 3 "little" changes in the way you do business. >> Learn More

Cloning Craig's Business: Creating the Ultimate Real Estate Franchise Prototype (A MUST ATTEND SESSION)

THIS is the session where you'll learn exactly how to take your pages of notes and sincere enthusiasm and translate it into an achievable step-by-step implementation plan - the equivalent of a Craig Proctor franchise, if you will, where every part of the process is laid out for you so all you have to do is follow the breadcrumbs to success. >> Learn More

Embracing Change

In this session, Craig and his coaches will focus on the single most essential ingredient to success with these systems . . . "you". Be prepared in this session to take a long, hard look at you personally, to challenge where you are in your business and your life and determine how much you REALLY want the kind of life these systems can give you. By zero-ing in on the "you" factor, we'll help you get your head around how to go from "possible" to "inevitable" business growth. >> Learn More

How to Turn Facebook into a Profit Centre for Your Real Estate Business

The way most agents use this social medium is little different from the way they use marketing as whole: crafting pretty, feel-good ads in the hope that somehow what they create will break through the clutter and that this "awareness" will somehow turn into business. Mostly it doesn't. So what is the right thing to do? Where and how should you market on Facebook and what should you be saying? This is exactly what this session will teach you. >> Learn More

Targeting Buyers and Sellers that MUST Act: How to Isolate Those "Sure Thing" Prospects Who Will Make You NOW Money

At the other end of this session you'll be armed with specific, inexpensive ads that will smoke out the surest things in your marketplace, right under your competitor's noses, without them having the foggiest notion what you're doing or how. You'll learn exactly what to say to these prospects when they contact you, what rules you will have them follow, and exactly what to say and do to ensure you get paid every single time. >> Learn More

Planning for the Future: Walk Away With Your Own Customized, Step-by-Step Action Plan & Post-Superconference To-Do List

Here, I'll stitch everything we covered in the more than 35 HOURS of this SuperConference together, so you leave with your own do-able action plan. I'm also going to show you how to identify and value the hidden profit opportunities that have been slipping through your fingers. You will end this Session KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT TO DO FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD, to turn everything you've discovered at the SuperConference into an avalanche of new profits - fast. >> Learn More

Craig Proctor

Craig Proctor presents 90% of course content

Other speakers include:

Todd Walters
Todd Walters
Craig Proctor Platinum Coach
James MacDonald
James Macdonald
Director of Agent Training
Rick Brash
Rick Brash
Craig Proctor Coach

Lester Cox
Lester Cox
Craig Proctor Coach
Steve Raitt
Steve Raitt
Craig Proctor Website Provider

What Top Agents Have to Say About Craig Proctor’s System

Hear What These Industry Leaders Have to Say About Craig

Dave Liniger
Dave Liniger CEO, Co-Founder & Chairman of RE/MAX
Agents come to Craig for his "system. Most agents spend 20% of their career with a client. 80% is doing other things. If you can reverse ...
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Gary Keller
Gary Keller Founder &CEO of Keller Williams
"Who the coach is really matters. If there were a Realtor Hall of Fame, Craig would be in it. I followed people like Craig. My goal ..."
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Dave Jenks
Dave Jenks Co-Author of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent
"Craig Proctor is a true icon of the North American real estate industry. He has proven his value and shown the way as a role ..."
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Michael Gerber
Michael Gerber Author of the bestselling business book The E-Myth
"Craig is a perfect exemplar of what I teach, a visionary who reinvented the job called real estate and someone who ..."
Read More
Allan Dalton
Allan Dalton Cofounder & President of RIS Media's Top 5 in Real Estate & previous CEO of
"Craig is a Selling Engineer. He's a Scientist, consumed by his..."
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Apr 1 - 3, 2019

Hilton Toronto/markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa - 8500 Warden Avenue Markham, Ontario Canada L6G 1A5

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May 3 - 5, 2019

Anaheim Marriott - 700 West Convention Way Anaheim, CA 92801 714-750-8000

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