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Craig Proctor's SuperConference in Toronto, ON

Upcoming SuperConference in Toronto, ON

Aug 10 - 12, 2018
Hilton Toronto,
145 Richmond St West
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2L2

For hotel reservations call Tina at The Travel Firm -1-888-871-3876 Ext # 225

Don't miss the opportunity to network with others while staying in the hotel and attending the conference.
Call in Reservations: 1-888-871-3876 Ext 225 and ask for Tina our housing coordinator (The Travel Firm) or email

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"Only the very SERIOUS need apply..."

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Here's What You Get When You Attend:

35+ HOURS of intense training (31 of These Hours are Taught by Craig Himself!)

Question-answer access to me, my staff, and my specialized technology and Internet experts

20 SPECIFIC HOW-TO SESSIONS covering every aspect of my System

(Value: $3,100)
My Automatic Reverse Prospecting System including Licence to Use My Best Lead Generation Ads and Reports (Value: $750)
Your Own Copy of my "Million Dollar Mailers (Value: $300)
My Universal Call Back Script and Complete Conversion System (Value: $750)
My Listing Presentation (Value: $500)
My Buyer Presentation (Value: $500)
My completely customizable "1-Hour Business Plan" (Value: $200)
My "Tour Of Homes" Quick Start Manual (Value: $400)
My Entire Guaranteed Sale/Trade Up Program (Value of $500)
"The Confidential QUANTUM LEAP Superstars "Best Of The Best" Marketing Campaign Collection (Value of $500)
My TEAM System Manual (with complete position contracts) (Value: $250)
Priority Invitations to Half Day Training Events Near You (Value: $99)
TOTAL VALUE: $11,000

YOUR TOTAL: $997.00


Reserve My Seat Today

Read what our attendees have to say...

"Thank you! I absorbed 40% perhaps, but that is more than enough!! Thank you for all your efforts. You have put together an amazing array. If I use 1% I will be awesome. Your staff, people, and partners - they rock too." Vivienne Moody, Ojai, CA
"Thank you so much! I am so excited to make this leap and "change"! One day I want to be on your panel of super star guest speakers to tell everyone about how this trip changed my LIFE!" Debbie Renna Hynes, Penfield, NY
"This has been a fantastic conference. Worth every penny. The speakers were dynamic, engaging and relevant. THANK YOU!" Keith Breckenridge, Hastings, ON
"This conference was amazing. I am just stepping back into real estate and wasn't sure that I really wanted to, but this conference, system and information has made me a Believer - that I can have a Real Life in this business. The tools are so common sense, and amazing. I know I will succeed. Thank you!" Nancy Britt, Ocean City, MD
"I genuinely feel that your organization cares about my success." Elvin G. Hawkins, Atlanta, GA
"What a fantastic conference. The perfect system to make a quantum leap to being successful! There are those that haveā€¦and those that will. I will!" Patti Pardi, Scottsdale, AZ
"This is hands down THE BEST CONFERENCE I've ever been to! Good networking, ideas, and didn't find one member of the program who hasn't increased production by leaps and bounds. As Danny Griffin said, "I now believe". Thanks Craig!" Kinsley Mickle, Columbia, SC
"Best I have attended. Been in business for 32 years. Will start over with your system. Thank you for the nuts and bolts. Just what I needed." Ewy Axelsson, Montecito, CA
"Awesome Superconference! I came as a guest. I'm leaving as a student. I wish I could bring my whole team to the next conference so they can be as amazed as I was." Richard Valle, Daly City, CA
"The people within your organization are all top notch and an inspiration. I could see myself in some of the lives of the panel members. I have made some of the same mistakes but see the vision of home in their faces and lives. I've been to other training companies - you were not crude but dignified, truthful and inspiring. Thank you very much. You're awesome." Len Gabrielson, St.George, UT
"Awesome conference. This was my first Superconference - a life changer." Lynn Vertner, Henderson, NV
"Good job keeping it real. Great material concerning the internet/technology section. I'm the computer guru on our team and the information was significantly useful, as was the entire conference." Ben Levitz, Grass Valley, CA
"OMG - I'm taking a Super Quantum Leap of Faith. This conference was wide eye-opening and it made me realize that I'm barely tapping my personal potential and leaving money on the table. After over 20 years of the same, I needed something amazing to change the outcome and get my life back." Marivel Costanza, Torrance, CA
"This was wonderful. You folks are wonderful and I look forward to joining you again at the next Superconference. I return home with plenty to do, with hope, and with gratitude for the keys to a business of my own, to helping my family's future." Brian Larson, Jackson, NJ
"I am sincerely blown away with this conference. I have been to many conferences and this one tops it all. I am so glad that I made the decision to come here. Thank you Craig for giving me the opportunity to unleash my potential and to be able to fulfill my heart's desire. I am determined to make it happen." Kathleen Tran, Irvine, CA
"The best learning experience I've had in 40+ years of selling." Jerry Shereshevsky, Davidson, NC
"Great innovative material." Vince Lazarak, Brantford, ON