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Craig Proctor’s Coaching Program has created the biggest success stories in Real Estate. This program has not only enabled top agents to multiply their income while freeing them of the drudgery of traditional old-school Real Estate methods, it has also transformed thousands of bankrupted, burnt-out and average agents into Millionaires. Imagine what it could do for you!

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The Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System is the only Total Real Estate Success system in North America. Created by Billion Dollar Agent™ Craig Proctor, this system is uniquely positioned to deliver real, current and proven solutions to Real Estate Agents and Brokers. While the cornerstone of the system is “Reverse Prospecting” (an inexpensive and automatic lead generation system where qualified prospects contact you first, making cold calling and other traditional prospecting methods obsolete), the system also teaches highly effective conversion and presentation systems to ensure generated leads consistently and profitably translate into paying clients.

This is your chance to learn Craig's highly effective (but inexpensive) methods to grow your Real Estate business right here, right now, in your own market.

What you get as part of Craig's Coaching Program:

  • 21 Coaching Calls with Craig Proctor

  • In addition to the bi-monthly coaching calls with Craig, as a new Coaching member, you will complete a comprehensive business profile enabling us to match you up with a personal, one-on-one coach who will map out, and hold you accountable to, a customized plan for your success.

  • Bonus Teleconference Sessions with some of the most successful users of Craig’s system

  • Weekly Role Play Clinic Calls to help you better systemize your follow-up process and dramatically increase your lead conversion success rate

  • Weekly Ad Clinic Calls to help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing

  • Weekly Open Q&A Help-Line to give you the opportunity to ask any question about any problem in your business

  • Comprehensive, personalized implementation plan customized to your specific needs

  • Privileged, Coaching Members-Only access to the Craig Proctor Coaching Website ( where you will find Craig’s Marketing Library with all of his ads, presentations, scripts, manuals etc.

  • Never miss a coaching call! Every coaching call is recorded and posted onto the coaching website within 24 hours, enabling you to listen online (or burn to a CD). In fact, many members regularly listen to the calls multipletimes (and/or have their team members listen), understanding that 80% of everything we hear is forgotten within 48 hours.

  • Free Admission for you and a guest to attend Craig’s next two SuperConferences to be held during the Coaching year

  • 2-Day Private Workshop for Coaching Members only at each SuperConference

  • Access to Top Industry Speakers who join certain calls over the coaching period (Many of these high-demand speakers would simply be unavailable to the average agent as their private consulting fees would be cost-prohibitive)

  • Ongoing access to professional customer care support

Over 30,000 agents have profited by “copying” Craig’s TOTAL-SYSTEMIZED-APPROACH to attracting sellers and buyers without giant ad budgets, without horrible manual labor grunt work like cold prospecting, and without giving up their private life or family life.

See what our members have to say...

"I have been in the program not quite one year, and it's helping me become more structured in lead generation, which was a weak area for me. I can normally work with a client when I get them. It's helping me get more predictable lead flow. I have developed a better quality lead from the lead generation methods that I have been exposed to with the Craig Proctor Coaching Program. I never used pay per click before. I never used Facebook ads before, and my eyes are being opened to better ways to lead generate: newspaper ads, Craigslist etc. One of my pay per click leads is for a $1.2 million buyer. That's my best lead and I have them under contract. Just that one lead will more than pay for the whole coaching for a year, so I'm pleased with that. Any agent serious about their business should join the coaching. I always thought that teams and million dollar producers were for somebody else. Not that I'm there yet, but it makes me think that I, too, could join these ranks."
-- Caroline Bouvier. I'm from Seattle, Washington

"I've been in coaching since July of '09. I actually was referred by a friend to the coaching program from Buffalo, New York. And it's been the single best thing that I've done for my real estate career. I probably would be out of the business if it wasn't for the Craig Proctor coaching program. The people that I've met through the coaching program that are successful, they followed the system from Craig. Definitely join coaching if what you're doing now isn't working for you. This truly works. Craig has proven the system. He's sold over 500 homes every year and so many of the other coaching members have had the similar success."
-- Rich Marasciulo, Buffalo, New York

"I got into the Craig Proctor program back in 1997 after I wrote my first mission statement. The last line of my mission statement said "All your heart's desires." When I read Craig's advertisement, the last line was "All your heart's desires." So, I took it as a signpost and joined back in 1997, and since then I have pretty much accomplished all my heart's desires and more. I got into real estate because I had two small children and wanted to have a flexible career where I could still be a mom first, and real estate definitely did that for me. So I'd put the kids on the bus at nine o'clock. I'd be in the office by 9:15. Home by three. I never work Sundays. Don't work during the summer, and as of this year right now, both my kids have graduated high school, so it was-you know, the program gave me the ability to do exactly what I wanted to do. Definitely, for the new people to real estate, and for anybody else who's struggling in real estate, I would definitely say sign up for the Coaching Program right away. It's worth the investment. It's turnkey. It's easy. Just do as you're told in the order you're told to do it in and everything else will come."
-- Gail Bibeau, Fort McMurray, Canada

"I knew I was ready to change not only my business but my life. I didn't want to work 24/7. I wanted to have a life. I wanted to be with my family. I wanted to watch my kids grow up. I didn't want to be working at 10:30 at night writing contracts. I wanted to be tucking my children in. You just have to stop thinking and do it. Get out of your own way. "There's no one coming for you" and that's the truth. You have to make the first step yourself and the fact that I did has changed my life."
-- Keitha Spiekerman, Magellan, Texas