Quantum Leap System

The Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System
The ONLY "Total" Real Estate Marketing System

(Lead Generation, Lead Conversion, Presentation Systems, Lifetime Customers)

Yes, I want to take a Quantum Leap In My Real Estate Business

BUY NOW for only $495
  1. Online "How to" Video Tutorials -- This is your chance to get one-on-one training from me which includes 17 Step-by-Step Videos – "Me" Training You on the System (from Getting Started to Making Millions):
    • Exactly how my system works
    • How to run, track and test the best ads
    • How to convert your leads
    • Listing and Buyer Presentations
    • Building Your Team, and more...
  2. Quantum Leap Marketing Campaigns -- You get ALL of the ads and marketing campaigns I created and used myself in my own highly successful real estate business, complete with ALL corresponding hotline scripts and special reports.
    • Classified ads
    • USP ads
    • Property ad samples
    • Postcards
    • Google ads, CraigsList, BackPage and more...
  3. Fill-in-the-Blank Customized Ad Templates
    • Send your perfect ads right from the QL Online website directly to your newspaper, Craigslist, google, etc.
    • Simply type in your contact info and press "Send"
    • No more middleman; you have complete control
    • Your ad is perfect every time
  4. Complete Prospect Conversion System -- You'll learn a consistent and predictable prospect conversion system using my "Universal Call Back Script" (The ONLY Follow-Up Script You'll Ever Need). I perfected the Universal Call Back Script over 20 years of making my own follow-up calls with tens of thousands of prospects AND by incorporating the feedback of thousands of Craig Proctor System users in marketplaces across the country.

    The Universal Call Back script I'll teach you anticipates every objection you will hear from prospects and gives you the tried and tested language to determine the two most important things you need to know about a prospect: their timing and motivation. The Universal Call-Back Script is so named because it has been designed so you can use it in any and all of your call backs – whether a prospect is calling on one of your For Sale signs, to request a report or respond to a property ad. Agents who use and perfect this script regularly convert 9 out of 10 of the qualified prospects they speak with to an appointment.

    Furthermore, you'll receive Prospect Conversion Audio Training. I recorded myself making actual follow up calls with real prospects when I was an agent myself and you can listen to these calls to learn:
    • How to make perfect conversion calls
    • How to handle the most common objections
    • How to determine the two most important things you need to know about your prospects
    • How to handle those who aren't ready quite yet
  5. My Ultimate Listing & Buyer Presentations -- When I was an agent myself, I consistently listed over 90% of the new prospects that I met with and this happened because I engineered it to happen. It took me years to develop these presentations. Every page represents the culmination of revision after revision. More importantly, my listing and buyer presentations communicate compelling benefits to prospects and you'll find, as I did, that by the time you finish taking them through it, they sign without a second thought. Do you achieve this level of success with the listing and buyer presentations you are currently using?

    As part of my presentation system training you can:
    • Download the Actual PowerPoint Listing and Buyer Presentations I Used in my Own Business
    • Access Video Training: How to Sign 9 out of 10 Buyers and Sellers to a Contract (Watch & Listen as I Walk You Through Both My Buyer & Seller Presentations Explaining Exactly "What to Say & Do")
  6. Yes, I want to take a Quantum Leap In My Real Estate Business

    BUY NOW for only $495
  7. The 300 Page Online Quantum Leap Marketing Manual -- Targeted, effective advertising that gets your phone ringing with qualified, hot prospects is an integral part of any real estate system. This manual not only gives you the strategic underpinnings of my marketing system, it also gives you actual marketing campaigns that you can run immediately in your own marketplace. In this manual, I teach you my SOLD formula for effective emotional response advertising so that you can develop your own highly effective ads, and I explain hotline strategy and technology to you. But more than this, I also give you my best Direct Response ads, complete with the scripts you will use to sift and qualify your prospects with, and copies of the special reports you will send them. This is a completely turnkey system that will give you the opportunity to make things happen right now, and the knowledge to keep growing and developing more and better ads in the future.
  8. LIVE Weekly Conference Calls with Me -- These calls are your opportunity to receive PERSONAL training directly from me. The purpose of these calls is to initiate you to the full power of my system. During each call, I personally walk you through my system in much greater detail step-by-step to ensure you have a full understanding to not only change your future, but also make you NOW money (that's what it's all about isn't it.) I do this by doing some talking - explaining - myself, but also by interviewing some of my most successful system users (those who are using the strategies I teach you right now in their own businesses so you can see how these systems work in the real world), and by opening the phone lines to specific questions from member agents from all over the country. If you have questions, go ahead and ask them of me on this call. But if, like many new members, you don't know what to ask because it's all so new, that's okay too. You can spend the entire call just listening to others asking me questions, silent as a sponge, just soaking it all up if you want. You are entitled to participate in my weekly training calls as often as you'd like.
  9. "The 6 BIGGEST Secrets of My Success" Audio Series -- If you locked me in a room for 3 hours, put a gun to my head and forced me to "tell it all" -- spill my guts as it were in the leanest, meanest, straight up, no nonsense, "show-me-how-to-make-money-NOW" fashion, this audio series would be it. I used to work just as hard as you're doing now. I know you don't have a lot of time in your day, so I designed this important learning tool to enable you to learn FAST. Here's what you'll learn:
    • The Appalling Lie of Traditional Old School Methods and How the Quantum Leap System Will Change Your Life Forever. This audio reveals why 80% of real estate agents don't make it through their first year, and why cold-call prospecting and door-knocking are not only mind-numbing and demoralizing but also completely ineffective.
    • How to Automatically (and Inexpensively) Get Hundreds of Qualified Prospects Calling You by showing you how to run tiny, inexpensive ads that will compel highly qualified prospects to pick up the phone and call you
    • How to Dramatically Increase Your Conversion of Prospects to Clients. I show you how to position yourself as an indispensable real estate professional (vs a dreaded salesperson) so that most of your prospects wouldn't even consider talking with another real estate agent.
    • How to Gain Massive Leverage Through Other People. I'll show you how to grow profitably, what mistakes to avoid and what to look out for as you leverage your time through the efforts of others.
    • How to Create Lifetime Customers Who Become Your Best Salespeople. I'll show you how to turn your clients into raving fans who will have a multiplier effect on your business.
    • Quantum Leap Members speak out. You'll hear from some of my most successful members. These agents "tell all" by revealing exactly how they used my system to change their lives: the mistakes they made, the things they tried that worked best for them, and their best advice based on their ongoing experience.
  10. Team System Manual -- This 100+ page online manual will explain to you my strategies and mechanics of recruiting, hiring, training and managing a highly effective real estate team. As you may know, assistants can often add to your workload (rather than taking away from it) if you don't have a simple, clear system to ensure that you're hiring the right people and giving them the ability and motivation to do their best. I'll give you the position contracts (job descriptions) you should have with each of your assistants. In this self-contained book, you will learn exactly how I operated my own real estate team, and the foolproof contracts I created to motivate them and hold them accountable for the work I hired them to do.

    Bottom line, in this manual you'll be able to access:
    • My proven system for recruiting, hiring, training and managing your real estate team
    • The detailed position contracts I developed and used for my own real estate team
  11. "Real Time" Marketing Library

    Our real-time marketing library includes:
    • My Valuable Marketing Library (Complete With Quantum Leap Ads, Scripts and Reports)
    • My "Best of the Best" Ad Examples: See what the BEST Real Estate Ads in North America look like (Examples of best ads from me and my most successful members from across the country)· Regular Updates (See what ads are working right NOW in THIS market!)
  12. Download My Monthly "Mastermind" Newsletter -- In every issue of my newsletter, my coaches and I talk in-depth about the tools and programs that are being used successfully right now. The recipients of Mastermind get a privileged look inside these systems. You will benefit not only from a microscopic analysis of various parts of the Quantum Leap System, but you'll also get to share in the new ideas that my system tests and proves in the real world. New ideas, ads, scripts, reports, systems all funnel into this 24 page newsletter as I consolidate the innovations and breakthroughs each month.

    Through Mastermind you'll have access to:
    • Monthly articles from me (and my Coaches)
    • Advance notice of upcoming Teleconference Training Calls
    • Big Idea of the Month, and more...
  13. Advance Notice of Free Half Day Seminars in YOUR Area
  14. Instant Access to Weekly Updates -- Allowing you to stay plugged into the latest ideas and innovations from the Top Agents across the country.

All of this for less than 10% of one commission ....

I've set the fee for this entire system at roughly 10% of one average commission. If having this System can't put more than that in your pocket, come over here and kick me in the butt - and have me kick you in the butt, because at least one of us surely deserves a good butt-kicking. This System was worth that much to me in the first 15 minutes of an average day. For many of the people whose comments appear on this page, it produces that for them 2-3 times EVERY day. Maybe more importantly, it does NOT just boost income; it boosts your self-esteem, peace of mind, satisfaction with your work, even your status in the community. Any way you evaluate it, this is a "NO-Brainer" Investment in your business.

Yes, I want to take a Quantum Leap In My Real Estate Business

BUY NOW for only $495

Now here's an item-by-item summary list of everything included in the System - and each item's comparable value to tools I've seen advertised or offered to Real Estate Agents:

1. Craig's Interactive Video Tutorial Sessions $ 1,000.00
2. The Best Quantum Leap Ads, Hotline Scripts and Reports $ 1,500.00
3. Fill-in-the-Blanks Customized Ad Templates $ 500.00
4. Complete Prospect Conversion System $ 500.00
5. Craig's Ultimate Listing & Buyer Presentation $ 1,500.00
6. The 300 Page Quantum Leap Marketing Manual $ 750.00
7. Weekly Conference Calls With Craig $ 1,500.00
8. "The Six Biggest Secrets of My Success" Audio Series $ 300.00
9. T-E-A-M System Manual $ 300.00
10. REAL Time Marketing Library $ 500.00
11. Craig's Monthly Mastermind Marketing Newsletter $ 125.00
  Total Value $ 8,475.00
  Your SAVINGS $ 7,980.00

Yes, I want to take a Quantum Leap In My Real Estate Business

BUY NOW for only $495

How You Can Make Well Over $300,000 Per Year As A Real Estate Agent, Working Less Than 40 Hours A Week...Have A Top Income AND A Life...And NEVER Have To Make a Call You Dread Or Waste Your Time With Unrealistic Sellers Or Insincere Buyers, Ever Again.

Let's face it; there are lots of people out there selling all kinds of products and services to real estate agents... all making promises and declarations about how THEIR product or service is going to make you lots of money. Which leaves you, the real estate agent, wondering how you could ever cut through all of the hype and self-promotion to determine who has a product or service that truly deserves the investment that they are asking you to make?

You see, I get that it's not just about money here...it's really about investing your trust...your precious time...and your money... to take a chance on a product or service that is promised to make your business and your life that much better. I can't vouch for all of the other programs out there; but I can give you the straight facts about my system. Facts that you can corroborate and rely upon to make an informed decision.

So, here are the facts:

  • I started in real estate in 1988, as a brand-new agent. That year, I sold 27 homes, all by myself.
  • At the age of 29, I was named the #1 Agent Worldwide for Re/Max International. I sold 222 homes, with 1 administrative assistant, and 2 licensed agents.
  • I developed my Quantum Leap System in 1995. That year, I sold over 400 homes, with 3 administrative assistants, and 4 licensed agents.
  • I remained in the Top 10 for Re/Max Worldwide for 15 consecutive years. During this time I sold an average of 527 homes per year, with 4 administrative agents, and 7 licensed agents.
  • During these 15 years, when I was in the Top 10 at Re/Max, I personally sold an average of 147 homes per year. My 7 licensed team members took my overflow.
  • I was never a real estate broker/owner; I worked as a sales agent out of the same Re/Max office, for all 22 years of my career.
  • Once I had built my Team, I was able to delegate many activities to my various Team Members, choosing to spend my time concentrating on the following activities: Creating marketing campaigns and ads, tracking and testing ad results, making follow up phone calls to book listing and buyer appointments, performing on-going training of licensed agents, managing my sales agents, attending listing appointments, and presenting offers.
  • I have taught my system to over 30,000 Quantum Leap System Members. I have been offering my system for 17 years now and there are thousands of success stories.
  • My system is not a magic pill. It requires the user to devote time and energy to making it work.
  • My system was created for, and is used by: Solo Agents, Teams, and Brokers. You are not required to have a Team in order to use my system.
  • My system can be used on a small scale, for those choosing to work alone and sell a couple of homes per month; or on a large scale, for those choosing to have a Team that sells hundreds of homes per year.
  • Here's what you need to effectively use my system: 1) a database management system to enter leads, enter freeform notes on leads, and schedule follow up calls and appointments. 2) Success Website at $129 per month (you get a 60 Day Risk-Free Trial). Traffic from your advertising is driven to this site. That's it...no other hidden costs or expensive add-ons.