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How To Create Income Certainty In An Uncertain Business
(and a Quality Life in a Business Typically Demanding Long Hours, Evenings & Weekends)

Other trainers push you to do more cold calling, more open houses, more begging your friends and family, spend more money on dumb advertising, and work more hours. Although I'll teach you how to sell much more real estate and make way more money, I'll show you how to do this while spending and doing less.

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• Live Interactive Weekly Inner Circle Training Webinars valued at $1,995
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• 11 Online Tutorial Fast Start Videos valued at $199
• Inner Circle Discounts valued at $500
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As an Inner Circle Member You Receive:

  1. Weekly Interactive Inner Circle Training Webinar - As an Inner Circle member, you can join a live and Interactive TRAINING WEBINAR every Thursday at 2pm ET that will give you the inside line on what you need to know to grow your business exponentially. Each week Craig's coaches will highlight a different aspect of his system and answer your questions to give you the specific information you need to succeed with Craig's system. Topics include lead generation, conversion, presentations, websites and much, much more. We hope you can join us on Thursday.
  2. Members-Only Access to Craig's Ads & Scripts Through the Inner Circle Members' Site - With your personal user name and password, you’ll have click of the mouse access to Craig’s best lead generation ads and the word-for-word script you’ll use to convert your newfound flood of leads into face-to-face appointments.
  3. Fill-in-the-Blanks Customized Ad Templates » Watch Demo - Your members-only access to this proprietary software will enable you to send your perfect ads right from the Inner Circle members website directly to your newspaper, Craigslist, google, etc. You'll be amazed at how simple and fool-proof this is: Simply type in your contact info and press "Send". No more middleman. You have complete control AND your ad is perfect every time!
  4. 11 Online Tutorial Fast Start Videos – These 11 Fast Start videos show you exactly what to do first, second, third and so on to transform a real estate job that consumes your life into a profitable real estate business that serves it! These online videos take you step by step (in the comfort of your own home) through the entire process. Here are some of important topics covered:
    • Setting up your Response Robots
    • Selecting your Target Market
    • Creating Your Tracking Mechanisms
    • Creating Benefit-Rich Domain Names (the how and why) and Where to Point Them
    • Where to Place Your ads to ensure maximum response
    • How To Create Your Ads
    • How To Track And Test Your Ads (So You’ll Only Be Running The Ones That Work And Stop Wasting Money On The Ones That Don’t)
    • When, How Often And What To Send Prospects When They Respond To Your Ads
    • What To Say And Not Say In Your Follow Up To Convert Your Prospects To Appointments
    • How To Make Sure Prospects Answer Your Call When You Follow Up And Why You Should NEVER Leave A Message
    • How To Determine The Two Most Important Things You Need To Know About Your Prospects: Their Timing And Motivation
  5. Inner Circle Discounts - Inner Circle members will receive a member's only discount on admission to Craig Proctor Summits and SuperConferences. Everything you’ve paid as an Inner Circle member will be credited towards your admission to one of my Summits or SuperConferences up to a value of $500.
  6. Craig's Mastermind Marketing Newsletter - Each month you'll receive, by email, Craig's famous Mastermind newsletter, now in its 15th year. This 24 page newsletter consolidates the leading edge success strategies, tips and tools of Craig's entire coaching team. Each issue features articles not only from Craig himself, but also from his most mega-successful agents who bring you their take on what's working right now and how to make it work for you, common marketing mistakes you must avoid, systems you must embrace, and step-by-step real advice for any agent who is serious about multiplying profits in today's marketplace.
  7. "Weekly-Fix" Email - Off the cuff and hot off the press, Craig's Weekly-Fix email will keep your inbox filled with real estate marketing muscle you'll want to exercise in your day-to-day real estate challenges. This weekly rant will keep you charged with the strategies, diagnostics, analyses and ideas that make up the foundation of so many members' success.
  8. "Big Idea of the Month" Fax - Dealing with thousands of agents on a daily basis, Craig is constantly presented with the best and the worst of member implementation. Huge learning can occur by analyzing both. These monthly faxes will distill and elaborate on the best learning from the month, enabling you to benefit from the huge collective experience of our membership by avoiding common mistakes and duplicating unavoidable successes.
  9. Get Craig's Lead Generation Website Customized for You (30 Day Risk-Free Offer) - If you wish, you can have a fully customized website set up for you at no charge for a Risk-Free 30 day trial. This is the same website Craig used to generate hundreds of thousands of leads in his own business, and which thousands of his members use to keep their lead pipeline filled with qualified and motivated prospects. This is a unique, no-cost, no-risk opportunity for you to see how much more your web presence can do for you without you having to give up your own site or do any of the legwork yourself. Simply say the word, and you’ll have your own Success Website operational within a few days which you can run parallel to your own site so you can see for yourself how much more this site can do for your business.
  10. Craig's Hotline Robots to Help You Answer, Sift and Sort Your Leads (FREE 30 Day Hotline Trial) - Craigs "hotlines" are special "recorded messages" that work like robots, to do all the work of sifting, sorting and qualifying prospects for you (while you play golf, help your kids with their schoolwork, go get a massage.) Agents who try this on their own, without knowing precisely how to target different prospects with the right messages, how to make it all fail-safe and efficient, usually quit, give up, and grumble that this doesn’t work. They’re wrong and Craig’s successful students prove it. FACT: a properly set-up Hotline System WILL cut at least 20 HOURS OFF your work week .... 80 LIBERATED HOURS A MONTH!!! .... and it’s probably the only way you can double or triple your business WITHOUT ADDING A BUNCH OF ASSISTANTS TO “PARENT”. You will be able to INSTANTLY have your own “robot prospecting handlers” working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .... no bathroom breaks, no sick days, no hassles .... for pennies a prospect.
  11. Priority Invitations to Half Day Training Events Near You - Receive advanced notification of Half Day Craig Proctor Training Events near you to give you the opportunity to get LIVE training on the problems you’re encountering in your business. Agents who attend these intense, 3-hour events will learn radical, inexpensive and highly effective methods of lead generation (with no cold calling) -- what I call “Reverse Prospecting”, where qualified prospects actually hunt you down rather than the other way around, and then how to follow these leads through to maximum GCI via proprietary lead conversion and prospect presentation systems.

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See what our members have to say...

"I sold a mere 13 homes my first year . . . about one a month. What's worse, I was putting in 60-70 hours a week. It was no way to live, especially with little kids at home. I decided to see if the Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System really was the better way. My results tell the story. Last year I did 550 transactions. That's something like a 4000% increase!

My GCI was $2.6 Million. What's different about this system vs what other real estate trainers teach is that these strategies are actionable, professional, and effective real estate systems -- it's not about empty motivational theory. Because Craig Proctor is a successful real estate agent himself, he knows first hand what it takes to make this business work.

The hardest part for most agents is finding customers. The other hardest part is finding enough hours to do everything that needs to be done. Craig Proctor's system makes it so simple. I learned how to easily get lots of customers (with NO cold calling), and I only work 25 hours a week at real estate. I don't work weekends. The best part is what this has allowed me to do for my family. I'm able to spend lots of time with them. Life doesn't get much better than this." – Willie Miranda, Clifton Park , NY

"For my first 10 years in the business, and before the Craig Proctor System, my average annual income was $79,014 and I sold about 25 homes a year. Today I'm earning close to $1Million ($900,000 GCI; 125 transactions.)

But it is not about the money. It is about freeing yourself from the day to day grind. To have a life, to share and to give to others, not to give up your life, not to take away from your life. If more realtors understood Craig's system, they too would be doing much better, they too would have a business rather than a job. After having been in the business for 14 years, I know there is no better way to conduct our businesses. The greatest part of all this is every one of these transactions was done because of the most effective marketing program I have seen. Every single one of these people called us first." -- Gil Szabo, Penticton , BC

"What I learned from Craig has made a huge difference in my business. I've only been in real estate for three years, and before I started using the systems I learned from Craig I was doing 3 transactions a year and earning $24k in GCI. I've increased that almost ten-fold. I'm currently completing about 28 transactions a year with GCI of $200k. I work a normal 40 hour work week and take a month off a year. Craig's system has provided me a clear path of what to do and, just as important, what not to do with your business to grow it to the level you want. I have more time off and the money to enjoy it." – Dave Edwards, Pollack Pines, LA

"After 12 years in the business, I was near burn out. While I was selling about 140 homes a year, I was working 16-18 hour days to accomplish this.

After learning Craig's system, my life changed virtually overnight. Like many agents, I was working almost every evening and every weekend. I don't do that anymore. Both my evenings and weekends are completely free. Better than that, I now take 4-5 months vacation a year (spending a lot of time in Hawaii ), but despite my part time hours (I only works about 30 hours per week when I'm in the office), my business has more than doubled to 300 units! The best part though is what this has done for me life. I now have quality time with my family. We enjoy traveling together and it gives me time to get to know them as true individuals." -- Mariana Cowan, Halifax , NS

"Craig is a trailblazer who generously shares all of his experience, trials and errors. He packages them up and teaches them in a way that everyone can easily understand. Applying what he gives you is a life-changing experience. I was searching for "the answer" -- Craig is the answer!

I am absolutely amazed at the level of income I have achieved. I've been in the business for 5 years and before Craig I was only doing 5 transactions a year. Now I'm doing 112. I'm earning $1 Million GCI annually (vs the $30k I was earning before.) I no longer worry about money." – Bryan Pellican, Las Vegas , NV

"The best part about Craig's system is how easy it makes the task of lead generation. The greatest leverage has been all the systems I have learned and the continued support I'm able to tap into. I work 10 hours less a week and am able to take six weeks off a year for vacation." – Peter Butera, Tampa , FL