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Craig Proctor is considered an industry leader, an innovator with over 5000 homes sold over his career. He did this WITHOUT Cold Calling or Begging for Referrals.

Sound impossible? It's OK to be skeptical...but it costs you nothing to check out Craig's easy-to-duplicate system. Remember over 30,000 Real Estate Agents pay to use Craig's High Income/Reduced Effort Real Estate System, BUT it costs you NOTHING to attend this FREE 3 Hour Seminar.

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"Other agents in my office thought I was wasting my time attending this 3 hour seminar but when I ran the ads I copied down they proved to be way more successful than what my broker was doing!"

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Receive a Free Book That Will Show You How to Easily Add $90,000 or More to Your Real Estate Income by Generating FREE Leads on the Internet

As a free gift to you when you register for Craig's FREE 3 Hour Seminar, we will immediately send you a copy of the book "How to Add at Least $90,000 to Your Income by Generating Free Leads on the Internet".

The latest NAR survey indicates that 98% of consumers find the internet very useful or somewhat useful in gathering information concerning home purchases. Other recent studies hit this point home with some startling statistics:

Almost 100% of home buyers now start looking at homes BEFORE looking for an agent. The Internet has enabled them to do this without assistance from an agent.

80% of home buyers (and growing) consider themselves to be "Internet Buyers".

In this 24 page book, which you'll receive absolutely FREE just for registering, you'll learn how to kick-start your free internet lead generation immediately (so you'll actually start receiving qualified leads within the hour!). You'll also get an inside look at Craig Proctor's incredibly profitable Internet Marketing Strategy including word-for-word copy of many of his internet ads.

There Are More Valuable Gifts When You Attend!

The real gift when you attend one of Craig's Free 3 Hour Seminars is the insider peek you'll get into the inner workings of the system responsible for Craig's world-renowned success. However, over-and-above this learning, when you attend one of Craig's Free 3 Hour Seminars:

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